(Minghui.org) When practitioners encounter difficulties, other practitioners usually offer help based on Fa principles. Such an relationship is different than ordinary friendship.

However, since we live in polluted societies, avoiding contamination is difficult. The notions that we formed over thousands of years and the interference from attachments can taint our motives, sometimes making offers of help counterproductive.

For instance, when a practitioner who was destitute and homeless arrived in a city, many local practitioners helped with accommodations, food, daily necessities, clothing, and even money.

At first, this practitioner was grateful, but she became addicted to the help. She did not try to find a job, making the excuse that she needed to concentrate only on cultivation. Local practitioners continued to financially support her. Later, she solicited funds from fellow practitioners and complained if they declined. Other practitioners knew this was not righteous, but they were too uncomfortable to point out the shortcoming.

Some practitioners borrow money from fellow practitioners whenever they encounter difficulties, but they do not return the funds. The lenders are often too embarrassed to ask for repayment. One practitioner even borrowed money so his wife could gamble on the stock market. Although there are very few practitioners who behave this way, such actions have a negative affect on the reputation of Falun Dafa.

Material comfort can easily arouse desires and attachments. While cultivating in ordinary society, it is difficult to resist greed if we are not strict with ourselves. Those temptations can easily ruin our cultivation if are not conscious of the issues.

Some practitioners often give or accept gifts among their practitioner relatives and friends. When the gifts are refused, they criticize the other party for not conforming to everyday society. They do not understand that giving unnecessary gifts can encourage selfishness, dependency, and the desire for comfort.

Practitioners should focus on helping each other improve xinxing rather than encouraging material gains. In fact, all the tribulations and hardships that practitioners encounter are not accidental. Worries, physical discomfort, and mental suffering are all tribulations on the path of cultivation.

Master said:

“One must repay one's own karma, and no one dares to violate this principle." (Zhuan Falun)

Master also said:

“As long as you improve your xinxing, you will be able to overcome them." (Zhuan Falun)

Usually people wish for a cozy, comfortable, and smooth life. Thus, during tribulations, practitioners often seek to relieve or avoid the difficulties. However, if a test is avoided, the karma will not be eliminated, nor will xinxing be upgraded. There have been many practitioners who sought comfort to avoid suffering. In this way, they accumulated more and more karma and eventually the old forces took their lives.

Master said:

“To tell you the truth, the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments.” (Zhuan Falun)

The process of removing attachments entails enduring suffering, eliminating karma, and cleansing ourselves. Therefore, whenever we encounter tribulations, we should understand that the occurrences are good for us.

When our xinxing improves, tribulations are easy to overcome.