(Minghui.org) I lacked persistence and was indecisive before I became a Falun Dafa practitioner. However, I now run a business and find the time to validate the Fa. As a practitioner, I aim to let go of attachments and thus improve my xinxing.

After the onset of the persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, I lost my job. Soon after, I lost three temporary jobs because the owners went out of business.

My husband suggested we open our own business, which would give us more flexible working hours. I was not very confident and thought that I could not run a business. But, my husband kept encouraging me and we discussed the matter based on the Fa.

In the end, we rented a place and worried a lot at the beginning. Our worries centered around paying our rent and other expenses. I soon realized that these thoughts were not right. I studied the Fa diligently and let go of my attachments to self interest and worry. I understood that my purpose was not to do business but to maximally conform to the way of everyday people while cultivating.

Providing Fellow Practitioners with Employment Opportunities

Soon after we started our business we learned that the shop we rented had gone through several owners over the past year and all of them had failed in this location. Some people even made fun of us and expected us to go under.

In this complicated environment, we calmed down by studying the Fa. We understood the relationship between loss and gain and the blessings by way of virtue in the human world. This allowed us to remain calm and peaceful and our business did quite well. People began to admire us.

With the business going well, some unemployed practitioners asked us to hire them. This was another bonus, because we could help fellow practitioners. We rented a few more locations and hired many fellow practitioners over the years.

Some practitioners had been persecuted and no longer cultivated well. Some were new to the practice, and some took up the practice while working in our shops.

Creating a Cultivation Environment

All of us improved in our cultivation. We thanked Master to provide us with such a good cultivation environment. It seemed as if many things happened accidentally. Looking back, everything that happened was well-arranged and showed Master’s compassion.

Inevitably, there were misunderstandings, conflicts or attachments that needed to be resolved.

Facing doubts and misunderstandings from fellow practitioners, I looked within and discovered my attachments, such as attachments to self interest, dependency, complaints and grievances. I tried to understand and compromise. My wisdom, compassion and willpower improved through cultivating diligently.

Although the market was in a flux and many business owners complained about poor business, our business did rather well. I am certain that this is the manifestation of Dafa's divine power.

Despite the ongoing persecution, there were about 10 practitioners that came to our shop and shared experiences. Any problems were quickly resolved.

A practitioner told me that whenever he passed one of our shops he would be encouraged and have more confidence in his cultivation. But, we had to ask fellow practitioners to be careful when stopping at our shops because of security concerns.

The practitioners employed at our shop formed a Fa study group. For several years, we persisted in studying the Fa. We produced Dafa truth-clarifying materials, including fliers, CDs, amulets and currency with Dafa messages.

We distributed our Dafa materials during the day and night. Among our own shops, we were careful with giving out currency with Dafa messages. We talked to our customers and buyers about Dafa and the persecution. and told them that they should quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates because if the Party falls, as a member they would suffer the same fate. My life was given to the Fa and nothing could stop me.

Sending Righteous Thoughts When Facing Problems

One shop owner considered not renewing our lease so he could use the shop himself. Three practitioners would have lost their jobs and a good cultivation environment.

We sent righteous thoughts, “We will follow the path Master arranged for us. This environment is arranged for us to validate Dafa. It is not allowed to be casually destroyed. Eliminate any evil factor that are influencing this shop owner. It’s all up to Master!”

I understood that Master gave me the ability to do business so I could validate the Fa. I was responsible to make use of it and provided a good cultivation environment for fellow practitioners. The owner decided to renew our contract and said that we could rent the property for as long as we wanted. Thank you Master.

I know I’m still far from what the Fa requires of me. I must continue to study the Fa and keep in mind the true meaning of life. I must try hard to do well in all that Master requires of his practitioners, which is studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts and tell people about Dafa and the persecution.