(Minghui.org) More than 20 people were unlawfully arrested in Tianjin for practicing Falun Gong.

Since the Chinese communist regime launched its campaign to eradicate the peaceful spiritual practice in 1999, Falun Gong practitioners have faced arbitrary arrest, imprisonment, and even torture for refusing to renounce their beliefs.

Director Zhao Fei of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau said that officers would be awarded 10,000 yuan (~$1600 USD) for each practitioner taken into custody.

Practitioner Zhu Geyu in Hebei District, Tianjin was arrested on March 4, 2015 while telling the public about the communist regime's persecution of Falun Gong. Police ransacked her home and seized two computers, printers, cell phones, and other personal belongings. Her daughter, who was home at the time, was also arrested. The mother and daughter are held at Tianjin No. 1 Detention Center.

Other practitioners were arrested while going about their daily lives. The following arrests took place on March 2:

More than twenty armed police broke into the home of practitioner Zhang Cuihuan. In a similar raid, over twenty Domestic Security officers arrested practitioner Song Huichan in her parents' home and seized her cell phone, computer, and keys. They went to her son's home afterward and seized his computer.

In some cases, practitioners are ambushed by plainclothes officers on the street. While on her way to go shopping, Niu Shuhua was arrested by seven plainclothes officers. The same day, several plainclothes officers arrested three Falun Gong practitioners, including Li Shanshan and Liu Qiong, while they were at work in Tanggu District.

Practitioner Zhao Manhong of Nankai District was arrested on her way to work. Police searched her home and seized Falun Gong books, CD burners, and a laptop computer. They then went to her daughter's shop in the same building and took two laptop computers. Police did not reveal Ms. Zhao's whereabouts but demanded various payments from her family.

Five officers and a woman from the local neighborhood committee arrested practitioner Zheng Qinglan in Hedong District. Police also seized Falun Gong books and materials, and three printers. Ms. Zheng was transferred to Hedong Detention Center the next day.

Practitioner Zho Yuehua of Qilinyuan, Hexi District was arrested. Police seized two printers, two computers, one CD burner, and other personal belongings. She is held in Hexi Detention Center.

Police also arrested practitioner Wang Huizhen of Binhai District and ransacked her home. She was released after falling ill in custody.

Other practitioners arrested while going about their daily lives included:

Fu Shaojuan of Hexi District (February 3)Yang Hong and Jiang Yahui of Nankai District, now held at Nankai Detention Center (March 1)Ms. Lu and Mr. Gao of Binhai District (March 2)Song Yunling and Qu Lingyun of Hedong District (March 2)Tang Yunhua, Li Hongji, and Li Jianmin of Hebei District (March 2)