(Minghui.org) The recent Minghui editorial article mentioned Li Xupeng. This article led to a lot of discussion, but I feel that some practitioners are still unclear about the situation.

Cultivation is not easy. Sometimes we do well and sometimes not. When we praise other practitioners or we are praised by others, we need to think: Are the descriptions factual and accurate? “Starting Point”

After all, we practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. If we do not align ourselves with the Fa, loopholes may emerge and be taken advantage of by the old forces.

When this happens, even non-practitioners or police officers may criticize us. “So, is this the behavior of a Falun Gong practitioner?” they might ask.

A person's actions, not their words, reflect his or her true self.

Take a Li Xupeng as an example. He is the practitioner named in the the “Starting Point” article. He deceived practitioners out of large amounts of money, engaged in improper relations with women, and turned many practitioners in to the police. By any standard, his behavior has disqualified him as a decent person, let alone a practitioner.

But some practitioners still defend or make excuses for him, saying that he distributed Falun Gong materials.

The reality is, what would a non-practitioner think of his words or actions? And what would gods think of him?

As Dafa disciples, we need to remain determined amid severe persecution, be alert in our daily activities, and be mindful of other practitioners' safety. When someone has done poorly on these basic things, he or she should feel alarmed. If someone has repeatedly failed in this, could he or she still be considered a practitioner?

In fact, whether Li Xupeng is allowed opportunities to correct what he's done, or what his future is, depends on himself. But we can all learn from this lesson. That is, a genuine practitioner should focus on cultivating himself and saving sentient beings—not pursuing fame or doing things that a Dafa disciple should not.

When a practitioner has made a major mistake, other practitioners may not know about it or be unwilling to say anything. But we should pay attention to what we are doing. We should ask ourselves, “Have I taken cultivation seriously? Am I qualified to carry the sacred title of Dafa Disciple?”