(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in January 1999. I am 49 years old, and was unhealthy before stepping into the practice. I had been relying on medication and injections for 16 years. But I returned to good health within less than two months after I began practicing.

I had been diagnosed with a number of illnesses, including intestinal tuberculosis, heart disease, kidney inflammation, and breast cancer. Not one of the doctors I visited could help me. I therefore went to fortune tellers and worshiped low level spirits. I took advice from anyone, searching for ways to return to good health, and I spent a lot of money in the process. Instead of improving, my illnesses worsened.

My husband couldn't bare seeing me like that, so he left to play Mahjong after breakfast every day. I stayed home and did all the household chores, even though it took me a couple of hours to make just one meal. Still, my husband complained if he couldn't sit down and eat immediately after returning home. In his mind I was pretending to be ill and was complaining incessantly. He even told me that if I wanted to die to just get it over with.

Although my parents and seven sisters lived very close, they never came to visit me. I felt so alone. I complained to God about the unfairness I was suffering. I didn't want to die, as I was only 35 years old.

As time went on, my illnesses and temper worsened. My heart turned colder and colder, and I hated my entire family. But I told myself to stay strong and live as many days as possible.

Listening to a Voice

One day in January 1999, my husband went out to play Mahjong. At approximately 10:00 a.m., I heard someone telling me to go to Pan Ming's (alias) home. There was no one in my house and I wondered who had spoken to me. I heard it again, “Go to Pan Ming's home. Just go there, go there.” I wasn't scared at all. I was worshiping a Bodhisattva statue at home and thought that this god was telling me to go to Pan's home.

It was a cold and snowy winter day, and I hesitated for a quite a while before deciding to go to Pan's home. I was dressed appropriately for a winter day, but after opening the door I faced a strong wind, so I closed the door and stayed inside the house. Then I heard the voice again, “Go there, go there.” After hearing it three times I decided to face the bad weather and go before my husband returned home.

Hearing About Falun Dafa

At Mr. Pan Ming's home, I was shocked to see many people. His wife asked me to come in. She knew that I was struggling with many illnesses.

She introduced me to a man and his wife who were close to 60 years old, and said that they practiced Falun Dafa. They also had suffered from many illnesses and spent close to 5,000 yuan on medical expenses every year. After practicing Falun Dafa, they had returned to good health. She told me that I too should practice Falun Dafa. I said, “I am a dying person. What's the use of practicing it?”

The man's wife told me not to always think of my illnesses. She said, “Doesn't thinking of your illnesses all the time create a lot of mental pressure? Learning Dafa means pursuing nothing and gaining naturally. As long as you follow the principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the Teacher of the practice will purify your body. Tomorrow we will play a video about thousands of people in Changchun who practice exercises in the morning. Just join us. It will be good for your health.”

I was impressed upon seeing all these kind and peaceful people in that home. I thought, why not? I have nothing to lose. I decided to return to that house the next morning.

Learning the Practice

The next morning, we watched the Changchun video and heard one person speak about how she returned to good health within two months of practicing Falun Dafa. This brought tears to my eyes and I finally saw a ray of hope.

After watching the video, a fellow practitioner taught me to do the exercises. When she asked me to overlap my hands in front of my lower abdomen, I felt a warm current moving through my right hand. I felt very warm and very comfortable. My hands and feet had always been cold. When the practitioner asked me to conjoin my hands, I shook my head and said no. She asked me why not. I replied, “It's because my hands have never been so warm. I want the warm current to stay there for a longer time.” She smiled and said, “Teacher is purifying your body. Just let it go.”

We went over the first four exercise sets. Before I left, a practitioner told me to come back the next morning, and they would teach me the exercises and then study the Fa. She told me that I should read the Falun Dafa book Zhuan Falun . She told me that “Falun Dafa is a cultivation that practices Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. As long as you follow these principles, Teacher will take care of you.”

At home, I told my husband about my activities that day, and he said, “I am not against your practicing Falun Gong, but don't stop taking medicine and injections every day.”

The next day I went to do the exercises. I could stand only for a short time, so I sat on a bench to do the exercises. It's very cold in northern China, but I felt very warm, even though I was wearing only a thin cotton knitwear garment while practicing the exercises.

Benefits from Practicing Falun Dafa

After I started practicing Falun Dafa, I was able to sleep well and had no dreams. I could also cook meals in a much shorter time. My illness symptoms slowly subsided.

At the moment when I was near death, compassionate Master Li Hongzhi saved me and gave me a new life. My friends, family, and neighbors all witnessed the miracle of my returning to good health after starting Falun Dafa cultivation practice.

I told my husband that in the past I ate all the nutritious food, and now I wanted him to also enjoy the good food.

I think of nothing but studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. My recovery has made me one of the happiest persons alive.