(Minghui.org) I was driving home from work on my electric bike at dusk on a winter day in 2013. I collided with a van when I got on the highway. I had looked carefully in both directions before getting on the highway, and there was no car in my field of vision. I was dumbfounded when the van suddenly appeared.

Fortunately, the driver of the van slammed on his breaks and I automatically applied my handbrakes. At least this way I wasn't thrown into the air.

Symptoms from Accident Disappear with One Thought

My bike was knocked down to the ground and I also fell down. I didn't think of anything. I quickly started to get up but I couldn't stand due to vertigo. I felt nauseous and wanted to throw up. I immediately thought, “I'm a Dafa disciple. I won't have a problem. I must not get dizzy, or have any other symptoms.” All symptoms immediately disappeared.

Village Couple Wanted to Help

Two people suddenly ran over, and told me to not move and stay in the same position, as they wanted me to preserve the scene of the accident. I recognized the couple. They were from my village and they did business on the side of the road. They were concerned about me, and they were afraid that I would suffer losses, so they quickly rushed over.

Young Man Avoids Responsibility

The driver, around 30 years old, got out of the van. He defended himself non-stop. The couple couldn't tolerate him. They reprimanded him, and at the same time called my husband, my older brother and his wife. I kept telling the couple that there wasn't a problem, and to please not disturb my family, but they wouldn't listen.

Bike Totaled

The couple pointed at me and said, “Look at your eyes, as there is blood in the whites of your eyes. ” I just smiled and lifted my bike up. The front wheels were in a horizontal position, the front axle was bent, and the pedal was stuck inwards.

I wanted the young man to take me and my bike home. I told him he didn't need to do anything else. The man said, “I don't dare to bring you home, as that wouldn't be good and I would be afraid that I or my van would be held by your family.” He called his family and his wife arrived with two middle-aged men in the car who were very chatty.

My older brother and his wife arrived in a pedicab at the same time. I wanted them to transport my broken bike. I sat in the young man's car. We all drove together to my home, including his wife and the two men in the other car.

No Demands or Extortion

I greeted them when they arrived at my home and asked them to sit down. They came in but they didn't sit. The two middle-aged men wanted to say something but I stopped them with my smile. I said, “Please listen to what I have to say first.” The men were disturbed but said, “OK, you speak. I think we should go to the hospital first. Do you have any requirements?” I said, “I don't request anything. Please sit, and I will speak slowly so you can understand.”

I said, “I'm a Falun Gong practitioner. Our Master teaches us to be a good person no matter where we are. I won't extort a single penny from you. We just want to help other people. We won't give you any trouble. Ignore the fact that I'm 50 and don't worry. I won't have a problem. I specifically asked you to come to my home so I could explain something to you. We've just had an accident. It doesn't matter that we met this way. This is our predestined relationship. I definitely want to save you, and tell you how you can avoid danger in the future.”

Falun Gong Spread Throughout the World

I told them how Dafa has spread throughout the world, and has taught people to be good. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has acted against the law and persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. The CCP has spread rumors about the founder of Falun Gong, slandered it, and transplanted organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. I told them about a large rock in Guizhou Province that is inscribed with the words 'heaven will destroy the CCP.' I told them that they can withdraw from the CCP and their safety will be guaranteed.

They were all moved. They all agreed to withdraw from the CCP but hesitated to sign their names. In order to alleviate their worries I said, “We didn't know each other before and I don't know where you live. You don't need to sign your real names, as I will give you aliases.” They quickly signed their names.

“We've Met a Good Person!”

When they left, they wanted to give me money to buy an electric bike but I refused. They thanked me with gratitude. They kept repeating, “We've met a good person!”

As they were leaving, the wife of the driver came back. She excitedly pulled me aside and told me where they lived. She sincerely said, “You definitely need to come and visit us!”

All Situations are Predestined

The next day I bought a new electric bike, and managed to get to work on time. Even though I looked like a panda bear, with my right eye black and blue, I felt very grateful that I had told people about Falun Gong and the persecution. I thought, “Whether I run into a good thing or a bad thing, it is a predestined relationship that has given us a chance to meet. I should view all people as my relatives. Good and bad situations are all predestined.”