(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa cultivation emphasizes the elevation of xinxing and clarifying the truth with solid effort. However, some people repeatedly stir up internal disruptions. For example:

• Some compile and print Master Li Hongzhi's articles and practitioners' articles published on Minghui.org and even sell them for profit.

• Some promote electronics containing content that disrupts the Fa. One such item is sold among practitioners outside of China under the name of the “Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party.” The product contains Master Li Hongzhi's audio lectures in Guangzhou, Dalian, and Jinan, nine lectures with simultaneous English translation, music for the five Falun Dafa exercises (including versions of different lengths), songs of the Shen Yun Chorus, Chinese and English audiobooks of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, truth-clarification clips recorded by individual practitioners for tourist sites, audio recordings of truth-clarification efforts in communities, songs and music composed by Dafa practitioners, Minghui.org China Fahui papers, the Minghui Weekly, and so on. The product was sold for profit under the name of “little truth radio.”

• Some have made electronic books using Dafa books downloaded from Minghui.org and FalunDafa.org, combined them with an introduction of Falun Dafa, practitioners' group exercise photos, cultivation stories, and other contents. The content was placed on non-practitioners' websites without permission, in the name of a Falun Dafa website. The content was made available for download in the name of “spreading Falun Dafa.”

• Some have made necklaces with the Falun emblem to sell for profit among practitioners.

All of the above are behaviors that disrupt the Fa. For those who openly act against Master's teachings and attempt to sabotage the Fa when Master is personally leading our cultivation, no matter who they are, they will be measured by Dafa.

Dafa disciples who genuinely cultivate should treat the Fa as Master and rationally handle our xinxing and behavior. We shouldn't participate in anything that disrupts the Fa; we should also take safeguarding the Fa as our duty.

If such things that disrupt the Fa are not completely destroyed in a timely manner, people in later times will not be able to distinguish what belongs to Master Li Hongzhi's Fa. Those who take part in the sabotage are also unlikely to escape the grip of the old forces.

Here, we reiterate to cultivators:

1. One must not make money among practitioners. Putting one's thoughts on how to make money from practitioners sabotages Dafa disciples' resources, damages Master's arrangements, and is an act of disruption.

2. Under copyright law, no one is allowed to replicate, publish or distribute Master Li Hongzhi's audio and video lectures, books, Falun Dafa exercise music, or Pudu and Jishi music. Anyone seeking to publish and distribute the above works must obtain permission from Master Li Hongzhi. Any unauthorized replication, publishing or distribution of the aforementioned content constitute copyright infringement and disrupting the Fa.

3. FalunDafa.org has obtained Master Li's permission to provide Dafa books and audio/video content for free to those amid the persecution in mainland China and people outside of China who don't own print versions of Dafa books. Anyone who wishes to duplicate or distribute content on FalunDafa.org on other mediums, such as practitioners' websites, should obtain permission from FalunDafa.org. Failing to do so constitutes an act of copyright infringement.

4. Creations of Shen Yun Performing Arts and articles and music published on Minghui.org are all copyrighted. The contents shall not be replicated, sold, modified, or have authors' names changed without permission.

Notice is hereby given.

Minghui Editorial BoardNovember 6, 2014