(Minghui.org) Dachang County Court of Hebei Province tricked Ms. Jin Ruiling (金瑞玲)'s family into dismissing the lawyers hired to defend her. Ms. Jin was then tried on September 15, 2014, and sentenced to three years in prison, suspended for five years.

Ms. Jin, 60, was not notified of the trial until the very last minute and was taken into the courtroom wearing only undergarments. When the police tried to put shackles on her, she refused to allow it, saying, "I am not a criminal. I do not wear shackles."

Ms. Jin had been detained in Sanhe City Detention Center for nearly six months. She was locked up with drug addicts and prostitutes. As a result of the harsh conditions and abuse, Ms. Jin had lost over 40 lbs (20 kg) and was barely recognizable. In the courtroom, the judge looked at her photo, then looked at her several times, and said, "Is she the right person? Did you bring the wrong person?"

Two Lawyers Retained for Ms. Jin

Ms. Jin's husband, Guo Jinlong (郭金龙), hired lawyer Wang Yajun (王雅军) from Beijing in April to defend her. When he met with Dachang County prosecutor Wang Chan (王婵) at 10:30 a.m. on June 23, Wang Yajun argued that Ms. Jin had not committed a crime by telling people about the persecution of Falun Gong.

Early in July Ms. Jin's family hired another human rights lawyer, Hu Guiyun (胡贵云). On July 9 Hu went to the Dachang County Procuratorate to review the case. She wrote down the following: "The persecution of Falun Gong is illegal." Prosecutors said they would study this later and submit it to the proper parties. Hu encouraged the prosecutors to enforce the law based on the law.

Officials Lie to Ms. Jin, Her Lawyer, and Her Family

On July 13 prosecutor Wang Chan from the Dachang County Procuratorate went to Sanhe City Detention Center and told Ms. Jin that her case had been sent back to the Dachang County Police Department due to insufficient evidence.

On August 22, however, her case was handed over to the Dachang County Courthouse. On August 27 Lawyer Wang Yajun asked the court about Ms. Jin's case. Court personnel lied to him, telling him that no one was responsible for the case.

Early in September, Dachang County Court personnel went to Sanhe City Detention Center to deceive Ms. Jin. They asked her to sign a prepared letter to dismiss her lawyers. They told her, “Lawyers will not do you any good. If you dismiss them, you will be released in eight or ten days. Or you could be released on bail or be put on probation. If you take the legal route, we have to deal with lawyers. It will take two to three months. Some cases in Sanhe Detention Center take over one or two years. The final result is uncertain.”

On September 3 two female officers from Dachang County Court went to Ms. Jin's home. They coaxed Ms. Jin's husband into dismissing the lawyers with the promise that Ms. Jin would be released in ten days.

Dachang County officials did not want any lawyers to be involved. They knew that the persecution of Falun Gong is not legal. They would lose the case if the lawyers defended Ms. Jin at the trial, so they tricked her and her family into dismissing them.

No Lawyers Present to Defend Her

Before the trial, prosecutor Wang Chan and Dachang County Court personnel went to the Sanhe Detention Center and told Ms Jin that, first, she should give up her appeal. Second, she should only reply with one sentence: "I won't distribute pamphlets (referring to Falun Gong pamphlets) anymore" in the courtroom.

On September 15, Dachang County Court sentenced Ms. Jin to three years of imprisonment suspended for five years. She was released on September 22. Dachang County Court personnel told Ms. Jin to appear in court to receive the verdict on October 9. When she did, she was told that the deadline to appeal had passed.

Ms. Jin is retired from Dachang County Agricultural Development Bank. In the evening on March 29, 2014, she was reported for distributing Falun Gong informational materials in Dadongguan Village, Qigezhuang County and arrested by Qigezhuang County Police Station officers.

Parties Involved in Persecuting Ms. Jin:

Liu Hui(刘会), CCP party secretary, Dachang County Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-13803229653 (Cell), +86-316-8823778 (Home)Wang Qinhan (王秦汉), team leader, Domestic Security Division: +86-13931600099 (Cell)Yan Yulian (殷玉莲), presiding judge, Dachang County Court: +86-316-8829908 (Office), +86-13315630349 (Home), +86-13903165845 (Cell)Li Enzhi(李恩芝), director of the Procuratorate: +86-316-8822964 (Office), +86-316-8315493 (Home), +86-13603161257 (Cell)Tan Jianguo (谭建国), director, Qigezhang County Police Station: +86-13503269678 (Cell), +86-18803167888 (Cell)Yan Dong (严东), chief, Dachang County Police Department: +86-13833447777, +86-316-8822259

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