(Minghui.org) A county Procuratorate recently rejected a case filed against Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Jin Ruiling due to insufficient evidence. It appears to have been the direct result of Ms. Jin's defense lawyers' persistent efforts to convince the county prosecutor of the illegality of the persecution of Falun Gong.

For decades, most Chinese people have taken it for granted that if the Party is against something, legality simply does not matter. However, this seems to be changing in recent times. Falun Gong practitioners have continuously labored to awaken the public to the facts about the persecution, including distributing fliers or software to break through the internet blockade.

Though faced with sham trials with predetermined verdicts, many practitioners have hired lawyers to defend them according to the law. In the process, many lawyers and others working in the judicial department have become clearer about Falun Gong and why the persecution is a violation of the law.

Prosecutor: “Have We Been Wrong All Along?”

Ms. Jin Ruiling 62, is a retired employee of the Agricultural Development Bank in Dachang Hui Autonomous County, Hebei Province. She was arrested on March 29, 2014 for her belief in Falun Gong and an arrest warrant was issued on April 17. The police then submitted her case to the the Dachang County Procuratorate.

While reviewing Ms. Jin's case file at the Procuratorate, her attorney, Mr. Wang, had an hour-long conversation with the prosecutor. He explained the illegality of the persecution against Falun Gong and revealed many inside stories as to why many high-ranking party officials are currently facing trial and internal disciplinary actions. This information appeared to have come as a surprise to the prosecutor. She said, “If that's the case, have we been making the wrong decision regarding Falun Gong all along?” Attorney Wang confirmed, “Yes, it has all been wrong.”

Attorney Hu visited the Dachang County Procuratorate on July 9, 2014, shortly after being hired on as an additional attorney for Ms. Jin. She gave a written document to the prosecutor that spelled out the illegality of the persecution. The prosecutor agreed to read it carefully and pass the document on to her superiors. Attorney Hu implored her to uphold justice.

A Dachang County Procuratorate official called Ms. Jin's husband, Mr. Guo Jinlong, on July 11 and asked whether attorney Wang had been replaced by attorney Hu. Mr. Guo explained that their daughter had hired an additional attorney to defend Ms. Jin, and he pleaded with the official to help get his wife released.

On July 13, the county prosecutor visited Ms. Jin at the Sanhe City Detention Center to inform her that her case had been rejected due to insufficient evidence. Her case has been returned to the Dachang County Police Department.

Attorney Hu Guiyun visited Ms. Jin at the Sanhe City Detention Center in the morning on July 25. Attorney Hu said she admired Ms. Jin's steadfast faith and encouraged her to stay strong until she is finally released.

Parties Involved in the Persecution of Ms. Jin:

Li Enzhi (李恩芝), procurators-general at the Dachang County Procuratorate: +86-316-8822964 (office), +86-13603161257 (cell), +86-316-8315493 (home)Jin Baoshi (金宝石), deputy procurators-general, in charge of Ms. Jin's case: +86-316-8820958 (office), +86-13932609986 (cell), +86-316-8839756 (home)Liu Hui (刘会), secretary of Dachang County Political and Legislative Affairs Committee: +86-316-8931388 (office), +86-13803229653 (cell), +86-316-8823778 (home)Liu Yuexiang (刘悦祥), director of county 610 Office: +86-316-8825860 (office), +86-18631639056 (cell), +86-13700363497 (cell), +86-316-8952376 (home)Wang Qinhan (王秦汉), head of Public Security Division: +86-316-8835602 (office), +86-13931600099 (cell)Yan Dong (严东), director of Dachang County Police Department: +86-316-8822259 (office), +86-13833447777 (cell)Sun Zhigang (孙志刚), deputy director of Dachang County Police Department: +86-316-8850859 (office), +86-13785665000 (cell)