China Fahui | Despite Being Mentally Challenged I Benefited from Practicing Dafa

( My name is Linger, and I was born mentally challenged. It took a long time before I began to talk. I was skinny, small, and timid, and was unable to communicate, because I couldn't understand what people said. I had a blank stare on my face all the time. My condition caused much suffering and pain for myself and my family.

When I was old enough to attend school, only one school would accept me, but only to audit classes. My mother watched me do homework and beat me when I made a mistake. I made many mistakes and was scared to death. She held me and began to cry.

I was accepted in a class for pupils with special needs. I could do only very simple math, but I did learn many Chinese characters. I graduated seven years later.

Revealing Falun Dafa Truths

My parents began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996 and finally had smiles on their faces. They studied the Falun Dafa books, did the exercises, and talked to people about Falun Dafa whenever they had time. They were very diligent.

I had a dream one night, that an old man took me in a small boat to a beautiful fairyland. The place seemed quite familiar, and it was as if I was back home. There were pavilions as beautiful as I had seen in pictures, with blooming flowers nodding their heads and welcoming me and colorful birds affectionately greeting me.

I walked into a grand palace where a large golden Buddha was sitting on a lotus flower with his eyes closed. When I got close to him, he opened his eyes and gently patted my head. On my way back, I was flying in the sky and saw black rolling waves all over the world.

When I told my parents my dream, they were shocked. They realized that I had a predestined relationship with Dafa. Just like that, I obtained Dafa!

Transformed from Inside Out

My way of studying Falun Dafa books includes copying the lectures with my mother. In the beginning, the characters I wrote were lopsided and I could not sit for long. Gradually, I understood the Falun Dafa principles and my penmanship improved. My body and mind changed enormously.

I was suffering from many illnesses and their associated side effects, so I was taking a great number of medications. After practicing Falun Dafa and memorizing the Falun Dafa writings I overcame one tribulation after another.

Growing up and Maturing

The persecution began on July 20, 1999. Two police officers came to our home, and mother took them to the kitchen. She worried that they would break into my room and see that I was transcribing Falun Dafa books. After they left, mother discovered that I had hidden everything. I wasn't scared of anything or anyone and would open the door to anyone who knocked.

My family used to worry, and lock me inside our home whenever they went out, but things changed after I became a practitioner. When the police were sent by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) minions, I knew I was a Dafa practitioner and that they should not bother me. My mother was delighted and said, “My daughter is so clever!”

A residential committee member informed my mother that she had to complete a form renouncing Falun Dafa in the winter of 2002. She threatened my mother with serious consequences for non-compliance. My mother refused and said, “I have benefited so much from Falun Dafa. I absolutely can't sign such a form.” To our surprise, that lady no longer tried to force the issue and said that it was all right. After she left, Father and my younger sister said that they were sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind her. I said I was doing the same thing since I also was also a Dafa practitioner. Everyone smiled.

I matured a great deal despite it being such a difficult time. I changed from someone who never talked to others, to someone who shared with fellow practitioners. It was truly a miracle. They all supported and cared for me a lot.

When my family members were not at home, I opened the door and accepted Dafa materials and Master's scriptures from fellow practitioners. I told my mother, “Don't worry, Mother, I will open the door only for fellow practitioners.”

Those Who Believe in Dafa Reap Many Benefits

My grandmother suddenly fell unconscious in 2005. She began talking nonsense, and no longer recognized us. Everyone was in panic at the time. I saw a big snake wrapped around her and told my mother. She realized that we had to clarify the facts about Dafa to those close us and help them quit the CCP and its organizations. We also began sending forth righteous thoughts for Grandmother, and she gradually regained consciousness.

My mother took good care of Grandmother and taught her to say repeatedly, “Falun Dafa is good.” Grandmother finally was able to memorize “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” At the same time, my aunts, uncles, and cousins also quit the CCP and its related organizations. My grandmother recovered quickly and looked healthier than before.

When Grandmother moved, she left a kitchen table. Even though it was old, it was better than ours. I asked mother what she wanted to do with ours. She suggested using it for firewood. That night, I heard the table crying and asking me to rescue it. The next day I told mother that, since I had transcribed Falun Dafa books on the table for years, I didn't want it to be destroyed. My father fixed one of its legs and put a beautiful tablecloth on it. I heard the table thanking me, which made me happy.

One Sunday last year, our printer stopped working. My father tried to fix it but to no avail. He thought it might be too old, and was getting ready to replace it. Mother suggested communicating with it and searching within. I took a look and noticed that the printer was a naughty little boy who wanted to play. I communicated with him and asked, “Why don't you work?” He stretched out his arm and immediately the machine began to work. My father was delighted, yelling, “It works, it works!”

Being Diligent and Elevating

I've transcribed Dafa books for over 18 years. I copy the book daily, as Dafa is deeply rooted in me, and I've benefited so much from Dafa. I changed from someone who did not know how to take care of herself, to being able to help my parents do many things at home. I changed from someone who was mentally challenged to a healthy person with a sound mind. This deeply impressed all of my relatives.

I began attending group study in 2011 and now study with fellow practitioners twice a week, as well as daily with my mother. The changes in me have been enormous. At first I stuttered and could not read a sentence, but everyone was patient and encouraged me. I was gradually able to read a short paragraph, then a page, then several pages, and I understood many inner meanings of the Fa as I read. I began measuring myself with the Fa and eliminated many attachments. I can now read fluently during group Fa study. Thank you, fellow practitioners, for your support!

I would like to say to our esteemed Master, “Thank you, Master. I will walk well the last journey and follow you home!”