(Minghui.org) Our truth-clarification materials should always remain true to its focus on the goodness of Falun Dafa. No matter what stories are told, the theme should be that Falun Dafa is good.

In recent years, creators of Minghui truth clarification material have become more professional, following a well established editorial review process.

This protocol has been effective in preventing mistakes and deviations, safeguarding Dafa's positive image and spreading the basic facts about Dafa. However, I have recently discovered some issues with my local area's materials. People appear numb to our publications, making it difficult for them to be saved.

The content of our materials directly determines readership and whether people's notions may be changed.

During the past ten-plus years, every designer has developed his or her own stylistic approach, from layout to content selection. Practitioners have become entrenched in their habits and notions, making it hard for them to adapt and cater towards a segment of the audience that had previously not been receptive to our message.

I believe that Minghui's established procedure, style, and design mindset are hindering the material's effectiveness in some ways. We need to continue to adapt our approach and re-assess why some people are not receptive to our materials.

If one were to compare our materials to a doctor prescribing medicine for a patient, our challenge becomes obvious. Under normal circumstances, the patient will gladly accept the doctor's advice and take whatever is prescribed, but our “patients” don't know that they are sick, so it's much harder for them to accept our “medicine.”

In understanding the word “positive” in “positively clarify the truth,” many practitioners have defined it narrowly.

We need to recognize that sentient beings have their own established notions, values, and beliefs. The more we preach practitioner values, the more likely it becomes that conflicting viewpoints will arise. Such conflicts are detrimental for saving people, and we must focus on awakening people's deeply buried true natures.

The ways in which we convey our message are critically important to the success of saving people. Part of the challenge is to help people incorporate our values into their own. As we go about doing this, people's past experiences and notions may well become barriers to our efforts.

So how should we address this issue? I think we need to look at the different types of truth clarification materials objectively.

Take pictorial material as an example. As I have distributed materials and talked to people, here are a few observations:

1. People think there are very few left still practicing Falun Gong and most practitioners have lost hope. To counteract this impression, we can show them photographs of large concentrations of practitioners, for example those taken during the San Francisco parade.

2. As people see peaceful, warm scenes, their suspicions of propaganda that they have developed from being exposed to the CCP's things over the years are naturally dissolved. This is one way of accentuating the positive part of our message.

3. If our pictorials feature well-known figures, it will create a sense of familiarity and identification with the readers to help them develop a positive view of Dafa.

4. We should try to incorporate third party material and descriptions of our events, which has the power of an unbiased source.

These are just a few suggestions based on my personal understandings. Fellow practitioners, please feel free to indicate anything inappropriate.