(Minghui.org) Even though the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims to follow the "rule of law," that has never been the case. And for the past 15 years in the persecution of Falun Gong, its crimes have been egregious.

With the progress of Fa-rectification, more and more lawyers are defending Falun Gong practitioners. Through the overall cooperation of practitioners and the participation of their family members and lawyers, some arrested practitioners have managed to escape using their righteous thoughts. However, many are still in detention. Given this situation, I began to think about the starting point for hiring a lawyer.

On the surface, it makes no difference whether a practitioner or a non-practitioner hires a lawyer. In reality, however, the situation is totally different. Non-practitioners count on lawyers for a better outcome, which might depend the strength of the lawyers' personal connections as well as their professional qualifications. However, when a practitioner hires a lawyer, the outcome is up to the practitioner him or herself. It depends on his or her cultivation state and practitioners' cooperation.

When we work well with one another and have strong righteous thoughts, we will inhibit interference and reduce the pressure on the lawyer at the different stages of the legal process. Our goal is to have the lawyer expose the CCP's crimes based on its own laws. The Party has been persecuting innocent people, and the goal is to have everyone, including the police, Procuratorate, and legal system, see through the Party's lies, understand the facts, and make the right choice for themselves.

Some people have truly come to understand the facts and made the right choice during such cases. They figured out a way to make the case “disappear,” such as applying for bail.

I think that if people treat practitioners kindly, they are choosing a good future for themselves. As a practitioner, one should completely negate the old forces' arrangements, including being “bailed out” and being found not-guilty.

For instance, after one of our local practitioners was arrested and held at the detention center, she maintained strong righteous thoughts. She did not cooperate with the authorities at all and just kept studying the Fa, doing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth to people. As a result, many people quit the CCP organizations. She didn't sign any statements renouncing Falun Gong before she left. She negated the old forces' arrangements completely.

A seemingly simple act of signing or not signing makes a huge difference in other dimensions. For one to leave a detention center without signing anything is the result of a practitioner being clear on the Fa principles, acting rationally, negating the old forces' arrangements in one's righteous thoughts and actions, and eliminating evil. It is a reflection of one's mighty virtue. This is also what Teacher wants. It is Teacher who arranges our cultivation path, and we should not be subjected to the CCP's "law."

Signing means that one agrees with and recognizes the CCP's arrangements. This is also recognition of the CCP's existence as well as the arrangements under the old forces. Being “bailed out” is used as an excuse for the persecution, whereas one signs or agrees because one falls short and is then taken advantage of by the old forces.

Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples are incomparable beings created by Teacher through this most magnificent Fa and for the future cosmos. We are the guarantee of the unbreakable future cosmos, and we have compassion as well as dignity. Does the CCP deserve to sentence practitioners? Is the guiding force behind it qualified to sentence practitioners? The answer is a resounding "No!"

For practitioners to escape tribulations and persecution, the key is not a legal decision made by the CCP, but rather their righteous thoughts and faith in Teacher and Dafa, whatever situation they are in. It is a manifestation of the fact that, empowered by and cared for by our benevolent Teacher, one uses one's righteous thoughts and actions to completely eliminate all the factors of persecution.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.