(Minghui.org) Shuangyashan Police launched a new wave of arrests of local Falun Gong practitioners on October 14 and 15. More than ten residents were taken into custody, and eight are still detained at the time of writing.

The arresting agencies include Shuangyashan City Police Department Domestic Security Division, Jianshan Police Depatment, Xiangyang Police Station, Lixin Police Station, and Fuan Police Station. The exact number of practitioners arrested remains to be investigated.

More than ten officers broke into Ms. Guo Hongxia's home on October 14 and arrested her and her guests, including practitioners Zhang Liyan, Wang Yuzhi, Yang Yufan, Wu Yuexia, Shan Jinli and her son. Ms. Guo's husband and her nanny, both non-practitioners, were also arrested. Her husband was released later that night.

Another team of officers went to arrest Zhang Liyan on the same day. While the police were searching Zhang's home, Qiu Shuqing and Fan Lijun came to visit her. All three practitioners were taken to Lixin Police Station. Ms. Fan escaped in the middle of the night, and Ms. Qiu was released the next evening. Both women also had their homes ransacked.

On the morning of October 15, the police ransacked the homes of three more people, including Shan Jinli, Yang Yufan's son and Mr. Tan (who lives in the same apartment building as Yang Yufan). Shan's husband was taken into custody but later released. Mr. Tan managed to walk away while being escorted to the hospital for an examination.

Mr. Zu was taken away from his home that afternoon. His home was also ransacked.

Eight practitioners are known to be still in custody: Guo Hongxia, Zhang Liyan, Wang Yuzhi, Yang Yufan, Wu Yuexia, Shan Jinli and her son, and Mr. Zu.