(Minghui.org) One day in March 2002, my former boss called me to come to the company. I had been terminated while detained in a labor camp. But this time, he said he would give me a new job offer. In fact, he was lying.

After I got there, my boss and the police put me into a police car and drove me to Tangxun Lake Brainwashing Center. My company was fined 6,000 yuan. A colleague was sent there to monitor me.

I was interrogated in the car, as a two-hour trip took 7 hours. We arrived there at night. Some people who had betrayed Master tried to talk to me. I told them I felt uncomfortable and needed to rest. A doctor examined me and said my heart was beating too fast. He recommended that I go back to a room and take a break.

My colleague and a lady who worked at the brainwashing center stayed in the room with me. Their beds were next to mine. The brainwashing center had them monitor me and report on my behavior. They took turns watching me at night. They even followed me when I used the restroom. I was not allowed to do the exercises or leave the room nor was I allowed to get in touch with anyone. I was totally isolated.

The next morning, I thought about how to eliminate the evil behind the beings there. Master's words came into my mind, “No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil’s demands, orders, or what it instigates. If everyone does this the environment won’t be this way.” (“Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful”, Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I sat on the bed without wearing the uniform. They tried to make me wear it, but I refused to do so. Gong Shanxiu, a wicked female guard, came and helped them put the uniform on me. She demanded that I have breakfast. I said no. She asked me to take classes upstairs. I refused this as well. Two armed guards dragged me to a room upstairs, where there were two collaborators who had betrayed Master.

They talked with me about the past. Then they started to tell me their twisted logic. I said, “You are going the wrong way. Do not do such a thing anymore.” They stopped for a while before talking again. I did not say anything or listen to them. Two hours later, I said I felt uncomfortable. The doctor asked me to take a break.

I did not have lunch either. Those two people came to my room and asked me to take a bath. I agreed. They tried to please me by offering me a towel and soap. After I finished, four to five more collaborators came to help me put on my clothes and clean my hair. I was on alert. Why were they being so nice to me? It was because they wanted me to agree with what they said.

I chose to follow Master. They surrounded me and said many things to please me. I said to myself, “I do not listen to you at all.” They saw that I was not excited about what they said and stopped being super nice.

Then they tried another approach; they shouted some twisted sentences in my ears. I said to myself, “Master is with me. You are small wicked beings, and I am way above you. You cannot reach me. I will not listen to what you say at all.”

I sat on the bed reciting the Fa. I closed my eyes. I really could not hear what they said. Then they started to beat me on my head and body. I said, “It is illegal to beat people.” They had to stop.

I did not have dinner either. Some male collaborators came in. One of them said he was from my hometown. His accent sounded very familiar. I thought, “No matter who you are, you are controlled by evil beings.” I would not listen to him.

The next person pretended to be very nice. He even talked about what Master said and how he looked inward. He said I had attachments and should follow what he did, but he was actually undermining Dafa.

Master's words appeared in my mind, “One of our students was flipping through a qigong book and a big snake sprang out.” (“The Sixth Talk”, Zhuan Falun)

If I thought his words made sense, I would have been affected by the wicked beings on him. No matter how rational his words sounded, I would not listen at all. No matter how he pretended to be a practitioner, I would not treat him as a fellow practitioner, nor did I treat him as a normal person, as he was acting under the control of wicked beings.

Another collaborator used text in Zhuan Falun to try to mislead me. I said to myself, “Isn't she undermining Dafa? Dafa is very profound, and it is my level that keeps me from understanding higher principles. As a practitioner, how could I understand the ultimate principle. Only Master knows that. I will not listen to them at all.” Finally, they left without any success.

On the third morning, those two female collaborators came back. They had lost their enthusiasm. They asked me to have my meal, and left in a short while. Then seven to eight collaborators brought Zhuan Falun in with them. They said, “Let's study the Fa.” I said to myself, “You are not practitioners. You are just trying to lie to me. I will not listen to you.” They saw that it did not work and angrily started to beat me.

I had not eaten for three days and nights. Huang Rui, head of the 610 Office in Xiaogan, said, “I can get you a job if you cooperate with us.” and, “If you still do not eat anything, we will do force-feeding. That is very painful. Those who were on a hunger strike all compromised in the end. Why do you want to go through that horrible process?”

I did not cooperate because this was a powerful way to dissolve the wicked beings here. I did not care whether my body hurt or not or how other people viewed it. As long as I could eliminate the wicked beings, I would continue doing so regardless of how painful it might be. Even if I lost my life, I would reach consummation. Master did not acknowledge the persecution. No one would be able to forcefully feed me.

On the fourth morning, none of the collaborators came. Only Huang Rui came. He said, “We will start force-feeding if you do not eat your meal.” He then asked two armed guards to walk around to threaten me.

He said I broke the law by practicing Falun Gong. I said, “Show me the Constitution. Tell me which law I have broken.” He said he did not have a copy of the Constitution, “You are not a religion. You only have the freedom to believe in a religion according to the law.” I replied, “Which law states that you cannot believe in anything that is not a religion?” He was not able to win the debate and directed someone to force feed me a few spoons of milk. But they did not succeed.

At night, I felt very uncomfortable as a result of the hunger strike. I had a hard time falling asleep. The doctor came to give me an examination. He measured my blood pressure and heartbeat. He knew that my health was in danger, but did not tell me.

On the fifth morning, Huang Rui came again. He asked me to eat something; otherwise, they would do force-feeding again. Later on, he brought a book and tried to read it to me. He looked worried and helpless. At night, Gong Shanxiu and Gong Jian came to my room and threatened me, “If you do not renounce your faith, you will be sent to a labor camp.” I was not affected by their words.

At night, I felt even more uncomfortable. I felt very thirsty and hungry and could not fall asleep at all. No matter how uncomfortable I felt, I would not give up. Neither would I cooperate with wicked beings who would be dissolved. Even if I really died, I would also reach consummation. However, Master did not arrange for me to die. No one could make me die.

I had a dream at dawn: there was a container was full of water, and I drank all of it. That made me feel very comfortable. It must have been that Master gave me the water. The doctor came several times to examine my body. From his face, I could tell that the situation was serious.

On the sixth morning, I heard people talking outside. I said to myself, “Master asked them to take me home. I should be prepared.” My work colleague asked, “How do you know you are going home?” I replied, “Of course I know.”

I told my boss, “You had fired me before. Why did you spend money and torture me here? ” He said, “We are not torturing you, but 'educating' you.” I said, “You will be responsible if I die here.” He said, “You will be a piece of waste if you die.”

On the way home, my boss and police asked me to have some water. I agreed since I knew I was going home. However, after I had their water, they said they would take me to a hospital. I told them I would go on another hunger strike if they took me to a hospital. They said, “Then you just have to write a statement that you refuse to go to a hospital and you are taking full responsibility for your health.” I said to myself, “They asked me a write the statement because they are afraid that I have some physical problems. As long as I can return home and do the exercises, I will recover.” Then I wrote that statement.

Later on, I realized that I should not have written it. I should have taken that opportunity to validate the Fa. If validating the Fa and dissolving wicked beings was my highest priority and I was able to let go of the attachment to life and death, I would not have cooperated with them in any way, nor would I have listened to their orders or demands. This was the result of my wanting to go home. They left my house after taking me home. However, they returned and threatened me, “Do not tell anyone what happened in the brainwashing center.” You could tell how afraid they were.

As long as we believe in Master and Dafa and follow Master's words, we will be able to get through every tribulation.

I sincerely thank Master for his benevolent compassion.