(Minghui.org) Officials from the Hong Kong Department of Food and Environmental Protection (DFEP) and 20 police officers came to our truth-clarification site. I tried to clarify the facts to them but they refused to listen. Instead, they grabbed our display boards and banners and quickly left the scene.

Looking around at the mess they left behind, I felt quite numb. One of the practitioners asked to see their IDs and said that he would file a complaint.

Since April 12, 2013, over a dozen Dafa sites in Hong Kong have been raided by the DFEP. They've confiscated a great number of display boards and banners. Each site has been raided in a similar fashion at least once, resulting in serious losses.

This was the third time that our site had been raided. I wasn't present the first time it happened, but I was the second time.

I recall holding a display board and clarifying the truth to passersby, telling them to never betray their conscience or sense of justice. I explained that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been killing people in China since it came to power, and that Falun Gong practitioners' organs are being harvested while they are still alive.

After the police and DFEP agents drove away, I hung up the four display boards that they had left behind and continued telling people the facts about the persecution.

Then, one of the practitioners from the Langhaofang District came to our site, telling me that her site's display boards and banners were also confiscated. She sobbed, blaming herself for not cultivating well. I told her that it was not any one person's fault, but the overall state of our Hong Kong practitioners.

After the practitioner left, I wanted to go home. I completely lost my righteous thoughts as a Dafa cultivator. I felt I wasn't even worthy to be called an ordinary person.

I then recalled the times that I had validated the Fa under extremely harsh conditions in mainland China, and how I had helped to create a cultivation environment so that everyone could improve.

I used to clarify the facts to people right in front of my store. I wouldn't think twice about handing them Dafa-related materials or persuading them to quit the CCP. I sometimes played the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party video in front of a crowd of people, that is, until I was arrested and detained for 10 days by the police.

The police bought me a train ticket and sent me back to Hong Kong. They took away a few CDs I had and my computer. With a little effort, I quickly got everything back. Throughout the whole process I was validating the Fa, saving sentient beings, and manifesting the grace and virtue of a Dafa practitioner.

In addition, I had won the respect and protection of the police. When our Hong Kong truth-clarification site was first raided in October 2012, I had approached it like a Dafa disciple should. The police were very respectful of us and, when we clarified the facts to them, they calmly listened. I felt that the police officers in Hong Kong were good people.

Later, the Hong Kong Youth Care Association (HKYCA), a Hong Kong-based association affiliated with and backed by the Chinese regime, tried to bargain with us. “If you don't hang up the banner, 'Heavens will destroy the CCP,'” they said, “we will not cover up your banners.”

I felt that it was not right to bargain with them in any way and blamed some practitioners for going along with the HKYCA's scheme. The Fa principles tell us that we should never compromise with the evil.

In early April, following a huge outcry of support from overseas practitioners, a large number of the HKYCA's defamatory banners were taken down. However, a new form of persecution soon emerged, which seemed to intensify the situation.

In addition to the HKYCA thugs covering up our banners and playing loud music to distract us, we also have to contend with the DFEP, who confiscate our display boards and banners. Although I told our practitioners to negate the evil old force arrangements and stay unmoved, not everyone is able to do it.

Sometimes, when I opened my eyes after sending righteous thoughts, all the display boards were folded shut and only a few yellow flags with the words, “Falun Dafa is good,” remained. Other times, our practitioners would close down the whole site when they saw DFEP agents approaching.

Feeling helpless and disappointed, I asked myself, “If we continue like this, how are we going to save sentient beings?” However, instead of blaming others, I blamed myself for not strengthening them with my righteous thoughts. I knew that if we allowed ourselves to be interfered with or moved by the old forces, we wouldn't be able to fulfill our mission.

I started feeling a formless substance pressing against me. As time went by, I began to lose the pride and confidence of being a Dafa practitioner. I recall the day HKYCA members came to our site and discovered that I was the only one there. They turned off the speakers that we use to broadcast the truth, then trashed all of our display boards and flags. I started to cry, knowing that I had let Master down by allowing a bunch of ghosts from hell to humiliate me and Dafa.

In addition, the police started to arrest practitioners at the truth-clarification sites, while walking down the street, and even in their homes. They falsely accused us of all sorts of wrongdoings.

One night, I couldn't hold back my tears. I felt useless and inept, as I was unable to change the environment in Hong Kong. I really felt that I had not cultivated myself well.

If Hong Kong practitioners didn't have such huge gaps in their cultivation, this tribulation would never have occurred. For the environment to change here, practitioners in Hong Kong need to let go of their egos and really care about and cherish each other. The relationships we have with one another should be closer than that of our families. If we can form an indestructible one-body, we will be able to break through this tribulation together.

When I used to make truth-clarification materials and pass them out to passerby in China, out of habit, our group always looked within, thus guaranteeing a stable cultivation environment.

I cherished each and every flier that we handed out. If someone said that they received a blank DVD from us, I blamed it on my hastiness and my habit of not paying attention to details.

When a woman told me that her husband had discarded the DVD even before she had a chance to watch it, I thought to myself, “I must have the attachment of fear.”

Whenever something happened, I looked within, found my attachments, then sent righteous thoughts to eliminate them. If any truth clarification site that we had set up in China had suffered losses, the first thing that we did was to look inwards, learn from the tribulation, then rectify ourselves according to the Fa principles.

Also, if a particular site was shut down by the Party's hired thugs, we never reopened it in the same location, as that would have only solved the surface problem, but not the root cause, which was our loopholes.

Dafa resources are limited. Have we ever looked inward to find out why practitioners in Hong Kong are facing one tribulation after another? Whenever the Hong Kong authorities take our display boards and banners, instead of looking within and rectifying ourselves, we quickly order up some more, as if our financial resources were inexhaustible. I remember a practitioner telling me that after spending 100 yuan to make a display board, she suddenly started to cherish every display board that we had.

Recently, a great number of display boards and banners have been confiscated, dealing a heavy loss to our truth clarification activities.

Isn't this exactly what Jiang Zemin and his criminal gang want to do: “Defame their reputation, bankrupt them financially, destroy them physically?” Although Jiang and his gang can't physically eliminate us in Hong Kong, his hired hands are trying their best to wear us down financially.

The Party's goal is to eradicate Falun Dafa, which is very clear. We should be equally clear as to what our goals are, one of them being to open more truth clarification sites in Hong Kong so that we can save more sentient beings and complete our historic mission.

It seems to me that not everyone is paying close attention to this matter. Is it really that Hong Kong practitioners have money to burn?

Some local practitioners think, “We should display our boards and banners like we did before. If the DFEP takes them, we will let them have them.” Others insist, “We should always be wary of our surroundings. If the DFEP comes, then we should put away our display boards and banners as quickly as possible. If they grab our stuff before we do, then just let it be.”

I first laughed when I heard these words, but then I wanted to cry, especially when I heard, “We should always be wary of our surroundings.” Practitioners are not wrong to say this, but doesn't this clearly indicate that our thinking has gone astray?

There are about a dozen truth-clarification sites in Hong Kong. The reason we established these sites was to create an environment to make it easier to save the Chinese people visiting from China. Instead of practitioners focusing on the gaps that each one of us has that allows the Chinese regime to continue to do what they do, they are merely focusing on telling people how many Chinese citizens have quit the Party.

Some sites had their banners obscured by HKYCA's banners. Thus, the visitors from China were not only prevented from seeing our banners, but they were also poisoned by the HKYCA's banners. I feel very discouraged when I see that sentient beings are not being saved. It hurts a lot.

I once asked Master, “Master, is it true that I will never be able to I save those beings anymore?” Master then gave me a hint to continue to strive to save the people of Hong Kong. I also read some sharing from fellow practitioners about our responsibility to save our fellow countrymen in Hong Kong.

When I shared my thoughts with some overseas practitioners, they said, “When you see Hong Kong residents, you treat them like gold, but when you see your fellow practitioners, you just give them a cursory 'Hi.'”

In the article,My Thanks to Sentient Beings Who Have Sent Greetings,” Master said,

“I would like to tell you: Dafa disciples are the sole hope of salvation for the beings in each region and each nation.”

In “A Congratulatory Message (Essentials for Further Advancement II), Master wrote,

“To the Persons in Charge of the Falun Dafa Hong Kong Conference:

Master wishes the Fa Conference complete success! At the same time, I would like to thank the government and people of Hong Kong who have given support and provided the conditions that allow us to successfully hold this Fa Conference.

To repay the Hong Kong government officials and people for their support, we will definitely pass on the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa to the Hong Kong people.

I hope that our Fa conferences will be conducted better and better. Under the persecution, we should help the people of the world see the truth of the situation and help more people obtain the Fa, saving the world’s people.”

When I initially read Master's congratulatory message, I was so moved and proud to be a Hong Kong practitioner.

In closing, I would like to make two suggestions:

1. All Hong Kong practitioners should come together in a very organized way and help distribute truth clarification materials to every house, on every street, and in every part of the city in order to expose the Chinese regime's persecution of Falun Gong and how it is sabotaging our truth-clarification sites. Our goal is to expose the evil regime and its accomplices. Like a fellow practitioner once said, “For every day the evil doesn't stop persecuting us, we will expose it until the persecution stops.”

2. We should use our wisdom to awaken Hong Kong residents so that they will sign our “Stop Organ Harvesting” petition. By doing so, we will win the public's understanding and support and stand up together to the Party's illegal persecution. If we do these two things well, our truth clarification sites will soon shine again, as they did before!