(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Northern China. I began to practice Dafa in 1996. Since then, I have completely changed and have become immersed in Dafa.

Before I began to practice, I drank a lot. I also smoked three and a half packs of cigarettes a day. I was ill-tempered and often fought; I even went as far as chasing after people with a knife in my hand. Since I began to practice, I haven't fought anymore. I have been strictly following

"that as a practitioner one should not fight back when being punched or insulted" in Zhuan Falun.

I haven't fought over personal gain, nor have I harmed anyone else.

Becoming an honest merchant

I used to sell grain. In the past, I would often put sand in the grain, harming my customers in pursuit of my own personal gain. After I began to practice, I threw away several tons of sand that I was going to add to the grain. I also began to give them the right amount as opposed to short-changing them. I tried to think about others and follow what Teacher said in Non-Omission in Buddha-Nature:

"so as to attain the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and altruism" (Essentials for Further Advancement)

Honesty earns support from village officials

In 1998 when land in the countryside was being re-assigned, I was allocated 27 acres more than I should have been because of an error in measurement. After I realized it, I went to the community management committee to ask them to take back the over-allocated land. The person in charge of the village, an accountant, and an auditor who were there all said that Falun Dafa was truly wonderful, because it changed someone like me, who used to be nicknamed "the bandit," into someone so honest. They said that, from now on, the village phone would be at our practitioners' disposal, as well as the cultural activity room in the village, speakers, and other equipment. They said that they wanted to give us their full support for our activities.

Improved health

In the past, I had tuberculosis. I had a hollow chest and spit up blood. After I began to practice Falun Gong, I stopped all my medication, my health improved, and I became healthy again. Right now, I am free of illness. I appear younger than others my age. Despite having been subjected to nine years of imprisonment under the evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party) regime, I am still doing very well, thanks to Dafa.

Remaining compassionate despite being persecuted

In October 1999, the police arrested me. Under benevolent Teacher's care, I made it through the tribulation. Even thought I was persecuted severely, I still demonstrated my compassion as a practitioner.

For example, in the prison, the inmates had to use debit-type cards to buy groceries or meals in the cafeteria. Because they had to spend most of their time doing hard labor, they elected one person to do the buying for all of them. However, there were always instances where people were over-charged. So the officers in charge asked me to take on this task. From then on, there was no over-charging. When someone didn't have enough in their account, I paid for the person. I did that for all those years. The same thing happened in other wards: they always had practitioners take on this task. Some of the officers and inmates knew that Dafa was wonderful, that Dafa practitioners would not cheat others.

In the ward where I was held, over 90% of the inmates quit the CCP and its youth organizations. Four out of eight police officers quit their Party memberships and affiliated organizations as well, including one team leader. Two of them had joined the Youth League and the other two had joined the Party. When I was released, the police officers who had quit the CCP came to see me off. Some police officers obtained the Fa and began to read the book and cultivate. The Buddha Fa is truly wonderful and boundless.

Thinking of others

Since my release from prison, I have endured hardship at work, but I have abided by the requirements of Teacher's Fa. Other drivers spend 420 to 450 yuan on gas. I have been thinking about others and tried to improve my driving skills and only spend 350 to 380 yuan on gas. I have also treated customers with kindness. As a result, the owner and passengers have only praise for my work.

The above are only a few examples out of the very many. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for Teacher. It was benevolent Teacher who gave me a new life and an eternal life. I kneel down once again in front of Teacher's portrait and say sincerely in my heart: "Dafa is wonderful! Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!"