(Minghui.org) Presiding judges Hou Feng and Li Gang from the Huangdao Development Zone Court secretly sentenced Ms. Gao Lihong to three years and Ms. Hou Ruilan to one year on March 22, 2013.

Ms. Hou still suffers from a variety of ailments due to the persecution. All her hair has turned gray. She has lost her hearing and is emaciated but is still being held. Ms. Gao's family has repeatedly tried to see her but to no avail. Ms. Gao has appealed to the higher court, but neither she nor her family have received a response.

It has been seven months since the two women were arrested. The authorities have not allowed anyone to see them. Ms. Gao has a two-year-old daughter who cries for her mother every day.

After Ms. Gao started practicing Falun Gong, she became a kind person and lived according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Since 2003, she has donated tens of thousands of yuan to the Qingdao City Charity Organization, anonymously. Ms. Gao's mother took the donor card to show the police and asked them why they would arrest such a good person. Ms. Gao has small children at home that need her love and care. The police did not show any sympathy.

Ms. Gao, Ms. Hou, and 10 other practitioners were arrested on September 8, 2012. They were tried in the Huangdao Development Zone Court on December 12, 2012. Before the trial, Ms. Gao's lawyer was denied entrance by the judge. Judge Li Gang told Ms. Gao's family, “If Gao's lawyer comes to the court to plead guilty for her, then he is welcome. Otherwise, he is not. I will lose face if I let him come in to defend her.”

Individuals and units involved: Court of Huangdao Development Zone in Qingdao City Wang Guangjin, director (newly appointed): +86-532-86988366 Hou Feng, presiding judge: +86-532-86988370, +86-13370846005(Cell) Li Gang, judge: +86-532-86988437, +86-15853256665(Cell)

Police Stations making the arrests:
Changjianglu Police Station:
Zhang Penglu, captain: +86-13905429567(Cell), +86-532-66581501
Huangdao Police Station: Ren Zongshun, captain: +86-13869811827(Cell), +86-532-66581601
Xuejiadao Police Station: Ding Wei, captain: +86-13863918298(Cell), +86-532-66581551
Xin'an Police Station:
Wang Xing, captain: +86-13869868595(Cell)
Liuhuabo Police Station:
Zhang Hai, captain: +86-13953210677(Cell), +86-532-66581671
Hongshiya Police Station:
Wang Yutang, captain: +86-15908982777(Cell), +86-532-66581681