(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wan Jie, who is in her fifties, lives in Yongle Town, Yilong County in Sichuan Province. On April 17, 2013, Ms. Wan was tried in a court organized by Yilong County Political and Legal Committee, and the 610 Office. Her lawyer provided a strong defense for her innocence, and demanded that Ms. Wan be immediately released.

Yilong County Domestic Security Division head Li Feng and officer Xiao Changbin ransacked Ms. Wan Jie and her older sister’s home on April 14, 2010. Personal property valued at several thousand yuan was confiscated. The sisters were forced to leave home and stay out of town for a year.

In mid April 2011, the sisters returned home. Wan Jie’s husband Xiao Xinghua forced his wife to turn herself in to the County Domestic Security Division. Ms. Wan was detained for four days before being released on bond. Ms. Wan’s husband was a deputy Party Secretary of Yongle Town, and has been deeply poisoned by the evil Communist Party propaganda. He remains opposed to Ms. Wan Jie’s belief in Falun Dafa.

A year later, in late May 2012, the Yilong Court issued a subpoena for Ms. Wan, but the trial did not commence at that time. Ms. Wan insisted that her personal belief is protected by the constitution, and her practice is legal. She left home and stayed away for six months.

Ms. Wan returned home before the New Year in 2013. She encountered trouble not long after. On February 7, 2013, Yongle Town deputy Party secretary Zhang, who is responsible for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, brought several police officers to Ms. Wan’s home. They took her to Yilong County Detention Center.

After hearing of his sister’s impending court trial, Ms. Wan’s younger brother drove more than a thousand kilometers from Guangzhou to rescue his sister. When he asked the authorities why his sister was arrested, the reply was “She should not have traveled to places.” However, they could not produce evidence of her “traveling to places.” On March 16, 2013, Wan Jie’s brother hired a lawyer to defend her.

We ask people in and outside of China to provide help to bring Ms. Wan Jie home as soon as possible.


Deputy Secretary Zhang, Yongle Town Legal and Political Committee: +86-817-5158917 (Office), +86-817-7766057, +86-15182900869
Xiao Xinghua, Wan Jie’s husband: +86-13183758488

Yan Tianhe, head of Yilong County Domestic Security Division: +86-817-7229060 (Office), +86-13208276158, +86-13508276158

Xu Yuan, president of Yilong County Court: +86-817-7216558

Yuan Wei, head judge of Yilong County Court: +86-817-7222995, +86-13699681181
Zhong Xiaoyang, deputy head of Yilong County Legal and Political Committee: +86-13890750999, +86-817-7289888 (Office)
Wen Wubin, head of Yilong County Detention: +86-13568600838

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