(Minghui.org) I believe that Dafa practitioners know the importance of the Minghui website during the Fa-rectification period. Master has acknowledged the Minghui website many times, and asked practitioners to follow the Minghui website for guidance on major issues.

Many practitioners may still remember the experience sharing articles on the Minghui website that played an important role in 1999 after the unlawful persecution began. The evil was rampant, yet practitioners were not scared, nor did they lose their way in cultivation. They instead firmly stepped forward to safeguard the Fa. Master publishes his photo and new articles on the Minghui website, which I believe means that the Minghui website is a reliable site, and thus Minghui is connected with our cultivation.

In the early years of cultivating during the Fa-rectification period, we didn't have materials like the Minghui Weekly. The materials I obtained were mostly photocopies, and sometimes the words were not printed clearly. These copies were not easy to obtain. Once we had them, we treasured them very much. I always read every article carefully, measured my behavior against them, and learned from them in many ways. I paid no attention to the attachments of other practitioners. I instead looked at their shining points, and felt that they were remarkable. The experience sharing articles at that time encouraged me a lot. I studied the Fa, read Minghui articles, clarified the truth, and validated Dafa every day. I lived a simple, yet orderly and solid life.

Minghui later began publishing Minghui Weekly, which had richer content. It was very easy to obtain as well. I was eventually able to access the Minghui website myself. As time went on, I gradually felt that I had elevated and wanted to read articles of even higher level. Most of the articles were not in line with my notions; the website still published articles on how to cultivate xinxing and how to clarify the truth. I felt that those articles were not interesting because we were already clarifying the truth every day. I didn't think they were worth reading. I only read those articles that I was interested in, and read them quickly. I didn't realize my arrogance and that I was not cultivating very well.

Because I was still attached to supernatural things, I always read the fictional stories posted by the Epoch Times. Though I read them by myself and didn't recommend them to others because they were not published on the Minghui website, I realized that there were many problems with these stories, and I measured them against Master's article “Watch Out for Breeding Demons in One's Own Mind.” I found that the author had plagiarized Master's Fa, and did not validate the Fa. I nevertheless continued reading until I finished them.

After reading an editorial later published on the Minghui website entitled “Put an End to Plagiarizing and Undermining the Fa,” I realized that my viewpoint was not right. Looking back, I realized that I knew it was not right, but I nonetheless continued reading the stories. I had to look within deeply.

When I looked back at the time, I found that I was not solid in my cultivation. I was very concerned with my reputation among practitioners, and looked for acknowledgment from other practitioners. I felt that I cultivated better than some of the other practitioners, and I treated those practitioners who I thought cultivated better than me with a human heart. I came to those practitioners for answers and advice rather than solidly cultivating myself and measuring things with the Fa. I seemingly did a lot of important work at that time, but I now realize that I was in the dangerous position of having demonic interference from my own mind. If Master hadn't dragged me back at that time, who knows where I would have ended up.

I came to understand that I had to cultivate solidly in all situations. It was beautiful when I was in the Fa and I reappraised how much the Minghui website had helped me cultivate. Looking through Minghui again, I found many articles that were very good, and so pure and realistic. There wasn't any showing off or validating one's self. I realized I needed to cultivate myself solidly, to improve my xinxing, and at the same time clarify the truth and save sentient beings! Isn't this what we should do regardless of where we are?

So we cannot measure the Minghui website with our own human notions. When we wonder why Minghui doesn't publish certain articles we have to seriously look within. There are no shortcuts in cultivation. Every bit of improvement comes from solid cultivation of one's heart and mind. What seems very ordinary may be very remarkable in other dimensions. Compared with those practitioners who cultivate themselves and save sentient beings every day, I was lagging far behind.

The Chinese communist regime tries to undermine the Minghui website by all means. It wants to stop the invaluable experience sharing by practitioners around the world. It also does not want the Chinese people and practitioners to hear Master's lectures, with the hope that they will leave the practice.

I believe that practitioners' attitude toward the Minghui website also reflects their attitude toward the Fa and cultivation. Since Master has acknowledged the Minghui website, we disciples should have no doubts.

Master said,

“Then as Dafa disciples, you must have a positive view of Minghui” ("Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding")

Regarding the articles about setting off firecrackers celebrating the “death” of Jiang Zemin, as published on the Minghui website, some practitioners thought that Minghui made a mistake on this issue because Jiang Zemin is alive. I think there were several causes for this thinking.

1) Some practitioners had doubts about the suggestions on the Minghui website. They argued that if Jiang Zemin didn't die, then we wrongly set off the firecrackers.

2) Due to the influence of the CCP's party culture, they didn't understand the true meaning of setting off firecrackers, which is to eliminate the evil. Dafa practitioners set off firecrackers not just for fun, or out of human attachment, but rather to eliminate the evil, helping Master to rectify the Fa.

3) They could not understand this issue from the Fa's perspective. They thought practitioners were just following an everyday people's ritual. On this matter Dafa practitioners had to cultivate themselves and look within. They had to cultivate their human hearts instead of scolding or complaining about Minghui. Some even began doubting the Minghui website. We should know that everything that happens comes from Dafa disciples' thoughts. Such results were caused by our human hearts. Furthermore, would Master not protect such a big event that was so related to our cultivation?

Master is rectifying the Fa, and has pointed out the way for Dafa practitioners to follow Minghui, as it is the most reliable website for practitioners in any period of the time. Master's instructions are the Fa. Isn't it also a test when there are all sorts of hearsay about the Minghui website and our human concerns? In my understanding, to believe in Master is to believe in Minghui. Having a righteous mind also refers to believing in what Master has said.

Please point out anything inappropriate.