(Minghui.org) On February 28, 2013, Ms. Zhuang Yanhong, a lecturer from Beijing University of Technology, filed a lawsuit to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and People's Procuratorate in Beijing City against more than thirty police officers in Beijing with charges of bending the law for selfish ends, abuse of power and unlawfully imposing detention.

The accused police officers include:

Twelve officers from Balizhuang Police Station, Beijing City Police Department, including Li Bin, Bai Hongfu, Hao Cuizheng, Liu Shouchen, Yang Chonghui, Guo Hong, Wang Hao, Li Qiang, Wang Baosheng, Sun Lei, director Zhang Shuo, and political commissar Liu Quanxi;

Twelve officers from Chaoyang Precinct of Beijing City Police Department including Shi Wei, Xu Yong, Sun Lei and Su Zheng from the domestic security division, Zhang Yingnan, Guo Jinghong from prejudication office, Zhou Liyuan and Zhou Li from legislative office, director Tao Jing, registrant Zhao Peng, Zhao Ming (head of domestic security division), and Hu Yibiao;

Dai Wan from the Office of Legislative Affairs, Beijing City Police Department;

Zhou Yan (officer ID 1159307), director of Beijing Women's Labor Camp, and chief of management section, and another female officer with ID 1159216.

Ms. Zhuang Yanhong, a lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Science, Beijing University of Technology, was illegally arrested on October 18, 2012, and persecuted in Daxing Women's Labor Camp.

Zhuang Yanhong and her family members overcame all kinds of obstacles and hired an attorney to file an administrative reconsideration request. In the meantime, Ms. Zhuang filed a lawsuit to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and People's Procuratorate in Beijing City against more than thirty police officers in Beijing involved in her persecution case.

Here is a brief recapitulation of what happened to Ms. Zhuang.

On October 18, 2012, six police officers forced their way into the campus of Beijing University of Technology and took Ms. Zhuang away from her office, despite the efforts of several school managers who came to the scene trying to stop them. The police searched Ms. Zhuang's home, and found a mini mp3 player. They sentenced her to two and half years in a forced labor camp for “possession of Falun Gong material.”

Ms. Zhuang asked her family members to hire an attorney to appeal against the unlawful sentence. Her family members knew very well that Ms. Zhuang was a good person and had done nothing wrong. So they hired an attorney for Ms. Zhuang to file an “administrative reconsideration” requesting an appeal for the “sentence of the forced labor.” However, the police did everything to interfere. The sentencing to forced labor was passed after the appeal deadline expired. Also, the attorney was threatened and had to terminate his contract with Ms. Zhuang.

Ms. Zhuang had been persecuted and tortured inhumanly during the term of her last detention. Her family was extremely concerned, and hired another attorney Ms. Cheng Hai to help the seek justice.

Around 3 p.m. on January 8, 2013, attorney Cheng Hai, accompanied by Ms. Zhuang's family member, went to Daxing Women's Labor Camp to meet with Ms. Zhuang. However, policewoman Zhou refused the lawful request for the attorney to meet with his client. She demanded attorney Cheng to register with the Lawyer's Association first before being allowed to meet with Ms. Zhuang. Attorney Cheng told her, “Registration with the Lawyer's Association is a matter between me and the association. It has nothing to do with you. Show me the legal stipulation that prohibits me from meeting my client. I'll file a complaint.” The policewoman told him he may call the complaint hotline. Attorney Cheng immediately called all the complaint hotline he was given, but nobody answered the call. So attorney Cheng walked back to labor camp reception office and demanded to meet with Ms. Zhuang.

An officer took them to a conference room. Attorney Cheng told the officer that if a superior issued an illegal order, and a subordinate followed it, the subordinate would also be held responsible. Attorney Cheng and the officer remained in deadlock till almost 5 p.m. The officer made a long call before finally agreeing to allow attorney Cheng to meet with Ms. Zhuang. However, it was already after work hours, and attorney Cheng had to leave the Power of Attorney document to Ms. Zhuang to sign. He then arranged another time to meet with her. On February 20, 2013, attorney Cheng was finally approved to meet with Ms. Zhuang to sign the Power of Attorney document.

In March 2013, Ms. Zhuang Yanhong filed the “administrative reconsideration” request with Beijing City Forced Labor Reeducation Administration. On March 11, she received the decision from Beijing municipal government that the original sentence was upheld.

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