(Minghui.org) Greetings, revered Master!

I started practicing Dafa in 2002, when the persecution was most severe. My experience of obtaining the Fa reflects Master's salvation and Dafa's miraculous nature!

Miraculous Experience of Obtaining the Fa

My mother suffered from spirit possession for several decades. That spirit possession controlled her and made her mind unclear, and she exhibited a language impairment. She also had various illnesses; even doctors at the hospital couldn't cure them. My husband's sister was the first to learn Falun Dafa; my mother and I were also fortunate to obtain the Fa. Master eliminated the spirit possession from my mother. She is 85 years old now and is very fit.

In November 2002, my sister-in-law and several practitioners read Zhuan Falun to my mother at our home. I politely sat next to them and listened. Just listening to them, the Fa had manifested miracles for me.

On the first evening after I listened to them read the Fa, I didn't have nightmares like I used to; instead I had a nice dream. In the dream I was floating in heaven, wearing a celestial maiden's clothing. A Buddha came with a mirror in hand. The Buddha let me look in the mirror. I looked and saw myself; I was about 13 or 14 years old and looked very beautiful.

Practitioners continued to read the Fa to my mother for seven days. I had dreams every night. In the dreams I saw beautiful scenes in another dimension.

In the past, I couldn't raise my right arm. From my cervical vertebrae to coccyx were all osteophytes. I couldn't comb my hair. But after this experience, I found that my cervical vertebrae were normal, and I could move my arm freely.

After these experiences I decided to learn Falun Dafa. A practitioner gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun . The first time I read the Fa, I needed glasses to read during the day because the font of the words were too small for me. Surprisingly, in the evening when I opened the book, I noticed that the letters had become very large. I suffered from hemicrania since childhood, so I couldn't read or go to school. I had only three years of education. But when I read the Dafa book I felt very comfortable. After other practitioners' reminded me to do so, I threw away the other qigong books and the spirit tablet for the fox and the weasel that my mother previously enshrined.

Eliminating Barriers and Harmonizing One Body

After six months of practicing Dafa, I started helping a coordinator deliver truth-clarification materials.

During the 2003 SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic, the main roads of each village were guarded by people, and strangers were not allowed to enter. The coordinator asked me to deliver materials to practitioners in a village. Every time I went to a village, the guards were diverted away by Master; so each time I smoothly entered the village.

Later, I became a coordinator in our region. I learned that the process of coordination is a process of cultivating myself. At that time, many of my attachments were exposed. At the beginning, I didn't know how to look inward or cultivate myself, and this caused a huge barrier between other practitioners and myself. I learned to judge things that happen around me according to the Fa, and I let go of attachment to self. Since then I always thought about how to be responsible to Dafa, coordinating with practitioners and forming a solid one body.

In early 2007, practitioners said that I didn't learn the Fa well enough and was doing things with too many human notions. At that time, I didn't look within to rectify myself. Then arguments broke out as we gathered together to watch the video of “Master’s Fa-Lecture to Australian Practitioners.”

After we saw the video, we started sharing. A practitioner told me that my behavior was “not according to the Fa at all” or was “full of ordinary thinking.” Another practitioner stared at me with an unusual look. None of them said anything nice about me. In ordinary society I was self-conscious, was very concerned about my own image, and I could not take criticism from others. I felt very upset that day; I cried all the way home. I just wanted to go home and cry; I never wanted to see them again.

I calmed down. However, I still didn't know how to look inward, nor could I let go of myself. I became very resentful toward these practitioners. A huge barrier was created between us.

Until early 2013, I was determined to remove the barrier. I wondered how to remove it. I spent great amounts of time studying Master's Fa. Gradually, I learned how to look inward, and each time the arguments occurred, I didn't blame others. Instead I looked within.

I constantly let go of my attachments and self interests and was considerate towards other practitioners. I noticed that other practitioners were also changing. The barrier between myself and other practitioners was eliminated. The practitioners understood and took care of me, giving me more time to study the Fa.

Rescuing Fellow Practitioners

In 2008 my sister-in-law and another practitioner were arrested when they distributed truth-clarification materials. After some discussion with local practitioners, I decided to request that the authorities release them. To do so, I needed their family members to support the effort. My sister-in-law's husband and her children didn't want to get involved. Then I spoke to her elder brother, asking him to go with me. Actually, I wanted to clarify the truth to him and his family. At the beginning, the brother felt hopeless about getting them released; he didn't want to coordinate with me. I clarified the truth to him, and he understood in the end and agreed to help. His wife also wanted to go with us.

We went to the detention center, and the doorman said: “They have been held here for only several days, and you want us to release them? You would have to wait for at least half a month.” I knew that everything is decided by Master and nobody else. We later discovered that the deputy director of Domestic Security Division was in charge of the case.

We went to the Domestic Security Division. The director was talking to someone in another room. I strongly sent righteous thoughts that I must compassionately eliminate the evil behind him, and I must save him. After a while he came to meet with us with a friendly attitude. He asked us what he could do? My sister-in-law's brother told him about the arrest of his sister. I told him about our identities and the background of my sister-in-law's family. I then clarified the truth to him; he listened and nodded his head repeatedly. He said, “Falun Gong is really good.” He asked me with a smile what I wanted. I said that we needed an answer. He asked, “For what?” I said, “To release them.” He said that they needed to discuss it, and they may need a couple days. I said, “We will come to pick them up in two days.”

We went back home and called my sister-in-law's daughter and daughter-in-law to come. We told them to pick up their mother in two days. The two of them had supported Dafa, but since their mother was detained, they began to develop misconceptions. I further clarified truth to them, and they finally understood.

Two days later, we first went to the Domestic Security Division. The guard said, “Today is Sunday; the office isn't open.” In my mind I upheld one thought: “We can take them home today. Master decides everything.” A person in charge came to ask us to sign some documents for the release of my sister-in-law. I asked my husband to do it. My husband went and saw his sister's and another practitioners' name, who were arrested together, on a noticeboard. He asked me whether he should sign the document for that practitioner. I said yes.

We went to the detention center to pick them up, and the guard was very surprised about how they could be released so soon. They were held for 11 days. The other practitioner's family also came. We went home smoothly.

The rescue went very smooth since I believed in Master and the Fa and let go of my attachment of fear. The main reason was because when we learned that the practitioners were arrested, the other practitioners discussed it together and agreed to strengthen the righteous thoughts for fellow practitioners and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. When I went to ask for their release, the other practitioners were sending righteous thoughts together. Meanwhile, the detained practitioners didn't comply with the evil; they held very strong righteous thoughts. We formed a strong righteous field. Therefore, Dafa's miraculous nature manifested.

Using Different Ways to Save Sentient Beings

I was the sort of person who was always willing to help others. Before I started practicing Falun Gong, I was often invited to be in charge of planning weddings and funerals. After I started practicing Falun Gong, I fully used this special opportunity to save beings. Because at weddings and funerals, many people usually attended. The other practitioners and I coordinated to clarify the truth to guests. Over the many years, many people were saved.

When a practitioner's son was getting married, I was asked to take care of the wedding. The practitioner was worried that the bride's family would be dissatisfied with the wedding. The bride was not a Dafa practitioner. Moreover, the practitioner didn't clarify the truth to bride's family in case it would affect the wedding. Thus the practitioner asked me to clarify the truth to bride's family. After I heard this, I was a little unhappy. I thought: “It's been such a long time, and this practitioner still hasn't done the truth-clarification.” I complained in my mind. But saving sentient beings was the highest priority; thus I accepted the practitioner's request. The bride's family was very satisfied with the wedding ceremony. I took the chance to clarify the truth to dozens of the relatives and helped them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, including the staff at the hotel.

I was a member of a Chinese drum dance (yangge) team at my work unit. I danced in performances for dozens of years before I started practicing Falun Dafa. At that time, I was a lead dancer. Now I hoped to use this activity to save sentient beings. Because the dance team gets a lot of exposure, many people came to watch. We also were often invited to perform for newly opened businesses or other events; we therefore met lots of people.

From 2002 to 2010, I clarified the truth to whoever I met, including the dance team members, audiences, and organizers. I helped them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

I understood that I should display a Dafa practitioners’ divine side when performing yangge . Every time I performed, I felt I was completely in a god’s state. My body was light, and everyone’s attention was on me. Many ordinary people told me that when they watched our performances, they felt my body was floating. A manager at my work unit once teased me: “She is a Falun Gong practitioner, couldn’t she float?”

Once, we went to a shop, and the shop owner said, “I know you. I watched the performance every year; I just wanted to see you dance.” The boss asked how old I was, I told him that I was 60 years old. He was very surprised. He said his wife was the same age. He didn’t understand how I stayed so young. I clarified the truth to him, and the boss very easily agreed to quit the CCP. His son was in the shop; so I also asked his son to quit. The boss said to his son, “You just listen to this auntie.” Then I helped his son to quit the CCP.

People in our yangge team understood me. They knew the truth, and almost all have quit the CCP.

There was a couple who were middle-aged at our work unit. The wife was deeply brainwashed by the CCP. She resisted Dafa, and defamed Dafa on various occasions. Practitioners clarified truth to her, but she didn’t listen. The practitioners were worried about them and were thinking about how to save them in a better way. Because the practitioners had compassionate hearts and wanted to save them, Master made an arrangement for us.

My home was on the ground floor. One day, I was sending forth righteous thoughts at 12:00a.m., and I heard a noise outside. I opened window and saw someone moving around outside my window. I ignored it and continued sending forth righteous thoughts. The next day I went outside to take a look. There was a bag, a hat, a cell phone, and shoes on the ground. There were two ID cards in the bag. They belonged to that couple. The wife was the person who wouldn’t listen to the truth.

A practitioner and I took the bag and other things that we picked up outside my place and went to their home. The wife was worrying at home. Because her husband was drunk, he couldn’t find his home. He fell outside my place, and his things dropped all over the place without his awareness. Both of them were very grateful; they insisted on giving me money; I refused. They invited us for dinner instead; I also politely refused. I took this chance to clarify truth to the couple and helped them quit the CCP. The two lives were saved under Master’s compassionate arrangement.

Compassionate to My Family

Before I practiced Falun Dafa, my husband’s sisters and brothers didn’t look after their parents. So we assumed this responsibility. However, they misunderstood and thought that we were after their parents’ money. They reported me to my work unit; then they prosecuted us in court. They came in turn to my home to fight and smashed our furniture. My husband’s elder brother wanted to stab me with a knife. I was frightened and had a heart attack. Since then, there has been great hatred between me and my husband’s brother and sisters.

One year after I started practicing Dafa, in April 2003, my husband’s younger brother died from an accident at his workplace. The leaders informed my husband of the accident. At that time, his brother had not yet died. The workplace told my husband that his brother was seriously ill and my husband needed to go look after him. After I heard this, I thought: I practice Dafa now, I must behave according to the Fa’s requirement and save them.

When I told my husband I wanted to visit his brother, he wouldn’t let me go, but I insisted. Then my husband and I went together. His elder brother and brother’s wife, his sister, and the daughter of younger brother went with us. We took the same car.

Before I met with them I told myself that I must follow Master’s requirement to maintain my xinxing.

They cried all the way, and I kept calming them down. A passenger who sat opposite me didn’t understand what happened to us. We started a conversation. I took this opportunity to clarify the truth to him. I told him about our family's dispute in the past and how they treated me badly. And because I started practicing Falun Dafa, which changed me, I must treat them well. The passenger felt I was remarkable, and that the Fa is truly remarkable.

After we arrived, we were told my brother-in-law had passed away. His wife came and was accompanied by two leaders from her work unit. The family cried so sadly they couldn’t talk. I helped them handle everything.

While preparing for the funeral, I escorted my brother-in-law’s wife every night. I calmed her down and apologized to her, “For the bad things I did in the past, please forgive me; we are a family.” She cried and apologized to me. She said, “It was us who did something very bad; you helped us to look after our parents, but we slandered you. We are very regretful now. We didn’t speak to you for dozens of years. Now at my most difficult time, you still came to see me.”

When they dealt with the funeral, I helped her with many things she didn’t think about in advance. She was very moved. Since then we have maintained a good relationship. I always helped them if they needed something. They were all moved, and they all understood the truth about Falun Dafa.

While preparing for the funeral, I went to see my brother-in-law. I wanted to break the ice with him. As soon as I went inside the house, he started reprimanding me. Later, he said he didn’t want to see me. I laughed and said, “It was all my fault; I apologize. If I hadn’t practiced Falun Dafa, I wouldn’t have come to see you. Now I practice Falun Dafa, and I must do what the Fa requires me to do.” After I said that, he felt better and wasn’t upset anymore. He said, “Well, I won’t mention the previous issue anymore.”

A few days later in the hall in front of many people, he ferociously said to me, “I feel angry as soon as I see you.” I recalled the Fa:

“Perhaps in the future you may be slapped in the face twice, and you will lose face in front of someone whom you least want to see it. It is to see how you will deal with this issue and whether you can endure it. If you can tolerate it and yet it preys on your mind, it is still not good enough.” (“Lecture Nine” in Zhuan Falun)

I walked over to him and said, “No matter how you want to treat me, now is not the right time. The most important issue we need to deal with is tomorrow’s funeral.” He was then quiet.

I went back home and looked inward, thinking, why did he treat me like this? I thought I wasn’t compassionate enough and I still held an attachment; otherwise, he wouldn’t treat me that bad. I knew I must completely let go of it. I certainly shouldn’t miss the chance to improve my xinxing that Master arranged for me. During that time, I often spoke to the brother-in-law and his wife. I gave them all my care. Gradually, my brother-in-law was no longer upset. Since then I sent my child to see him every Chinese New Year. We also helped with his son’s wedding ceremony. I told him the truth and helped him quit the CCP, including his wife and son.

People at my work unit knew about my family conflict. When they heard that I dealt with my family conflict this way, I didn’t need to clarify the truth to them; they realized Dafa is good. Our work unit’s minister of defense and the chairman of the work union both wouldn’t listen when people clarified the truth to them. After this I helped them quit the CCP. I also helped a director of the police station and a police officer quit the CCP. They were the ones who came to deal with our family conflict in the past.

I helped almost all of my husband’s relatives quit the CCP; some of them were leaders at their work units. My uncle was over 80 years old; he was a policeman. He was badly brainwashed by the CCP’s atheism. It had been 20 years since we had seen each other. Master arranged for me to invite him to my home. Prior to his arrival, I clarified the truth to him on the phone, but he didn’t believe it. This uncle thought my mother died years ago because he often bought medicine for my mother in the past. He remembered that she couldn’t take care of her daily activities.

When he came to my home and saw my mother. He said, “This elderly woman looks younger. Seeing is believing.” This made him completely believe in Dafa. He had brought medicines with him when he came. He suffered from heart disease, diabetes, and prostatitis. He wheezed because he had asthma in the past; after only three days with us, he stopped wheezing. He was deaf in one of his ears. The fourth day after he quit the CCP, he could hear in that ear. Because he experienced the uniqueness of Dafa, he wanted to read the Fa and learn the exercises. When he left, he insisted on paying for his Dafa books and all the materials. (Now he still does the exercises and studies the Fa. He is very fit.) My uncle’s son and son's wife came to my home to pick him up, and they saw the changes in him. So they also quit the CCP. His son took many truth-clarification materials with him when they left. He said he would let his colleagues read them. He is a music composer, and many of his friends are professionals.

My husband hasn’t practiced Dafa yet, but he witnessed the wonderfulness of Dafa. He believes in Dafa very much and often clarifies the truth to other people. He also helps to distribute truth-clarification materials.

In 2011, at my uncle’s 80th birthday party, my husband and I helped almost 100 guests quit the CCP, including my uncle’s son who was a regimental commander in the army. Many of my uncle’s family members joined the army; we also helped them quit the CCP.

I practiced Falun Dafa for a dozen years. Under great Master’s compassionate care, I have been able to come to the point today where I can remain peaceful in the face of a conflict. My greatest experience is being a Dafa disciple. Regardless of the circumstances, we must 100% believe in Master. I must study the Fa more in the future because if we don’t cultivate well, it is not simply a problem for the practitioner; instead we are responsible for many sentient beings. I feel even greater urgency to save sentient beings. At the last phase of Fa-rectification, we must achieve Master’s requirement, “Cultivate with the heart you once had ...” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference”) to save more sentient beings.

I’d like to thank practitioners who recorded, amended, proofread, and edited the final version of my experience sharing article. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.