(Minghui.org) The Minghui website published a link for the anime “Ginseng Fruit,” an episode in the story of “The Monkey King,” on December 19. This anime was made many years ago, and I had watched it when I was young. Seeing it again revitalized me.

The story of “Ginseng Fruit” tells about when Tang Monk and his three disciples stayed at Wuzhuangguan Temple on their way to India to acquire the scriptures. The two boys in the temple served two precious ginseng fruits from the Immortals to Tang Monk. Tang Monk refused to eat them, so the two boys ate the fruits themselves. Pigsy, a disciple of Tang Monk, overheard what went on. He begged the Monkey King to steal a few of the fruits so they could taste them, too. When the two boys saw that some of the fruit was gone, they accused Tang Monk and his disciples of stealing. This infuriated the Monkey King, and he pushed down the ginseng fruit tree and led Tang Monk and the other two disciples to run away. When the head of the temple came home, he was furious. He caught Tang Monk and his disciples, and demanded that they restore the ginseng fruit tree. The Monkey King went everywhere and was able to finally get Bodhisattva Guanyin to save the tree, which resolved the situation.

When I saw the anime again recently, I was able to look at many things from the perspective of a cultivator. It seemed to me that the big trouble that these four people got involved in should not have happened or could have been avoided in the first place. But because of their lack of righteous thoughts or individual attachments, they unnecessarily added to this tribulation.

Had it not been for Pigsy’s curiosity and nosiness and being affected by small things, he would not have eavesdropped. Even if he had heard something accidentally, he should not have been greedy and tried to steal the fruit. If the Monkey King was righteous, he would not have been influenced by Pigsy. Rather, he would have pointed out the mistake that the Pigsy had made, and then everything would have been okay. If they had stopped after they made the initial mistake rather than making it worse by pushing the tree down, they would not have gotten in such big trouble and had to go such great effort to solve the problem. The worst thing was that they delayed their quest to acquire the scriptures.

This made me think of the 2012 “end of the world” prophecy. Practitioners in our area reacted to it differently. Some talked about it with great interest, some followed it on the Internet, some worried about the possible scenarios and could not concentrate on what they were doing, some stocked up on necessities, and some reminded their relatives and friends to be prepared. Of course, there were those who just did the three things and were not distracted. Not only were all prophesies no longer accurate after Teacher began teaching Dafa, everything is determined only by the needs of the Fa-rectification. Even if tribulations or some special circumstance did occur, with Teacher protecting us, what would a practitioner need to worry about? Teacher will protect even a good person in everyday people’s society, let alone a practitioner. Furthermore, no matter what a practitioner encounters, he should face it with righteous thoughts.

Then I thought of the disturbances caused by the 16th Conference of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that happened a few years ago, the Wang Lijun incident this year, and the 18th CCP Conference. Had practitioners all remained calm and settled and not been affected by the external disturbances, solidly doing the three things, then many troubles may not have happened or would have disappeared. These troubles might have been caused by our attachments and possibly could have been avoided. If, instead of being affected themselves, practitioners could point it out when they saw someone being affected, then the trouble would have been much less, more confined, and not affected the larger picture. Fellow practitioners, let us improve ourselves together and do the three things solidly. Let us not be affected by outside interference and create problems for ourselves. Let us walk the last mile well and follow Teacher home.

The above is my personal enlightenment. Please point out my deficiencies.