(Minghui.org) Ms. Sun Tao, a teacher from Chengjian School in Hebei Province, was recently arrested and charged for practicing Falun Gong and distributing truth-clarification materials. On June 27, 2012, the Yuhua District Court in Shijiazhuang City was scheduled to try Ms. Sun, who hired a lawyer to defend her. The lawyer was to plead “not guilty” for her and expose the truth of the persecution to the public. Ms. Sun's friends and fellow practitioners issued an invitation to the local residents to attend the trial. The invitation letter was as follows:

An Invitation to People Living in the Shijiazhuang City Area

Why has Falun Gong spread to over 100 countries and the practice is only being persecuted in China by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Why has Falun Gong withstood the persecution to this date? Why have more and more lawyers stepped forward to expose violations of the law by the CCP and stand up for Falun Gong even under great pressure? On the morning of June 27, a famous lawyer from Beijing will come to the Yihua District Court to tell you the truth. We invite you to attend the trial.

We are destined to live together like a family in the same city. We feel that decades of suffering should be shared with our friends and neighbors.

When I was a child, my grandmother sold onions in order to support the family. Because of this, she was labeled a “capitalist” (a target of attack). When I was in middle school, because my father was an intellectual, he was the target of CCP harassment until he passed away. Now, my cousin Sun Tao has been detained in the Second Detention Center of Shijiazhuang for over three months simply because she practices Falun Gong, which teaches people the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Ms. Sun's family had previously hired two lawyers to defend her. When the lawyers asked to meet with her, the authorities refused to allow it. The 610 Office of Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang City, and the District Court of Yuhua will try Ms. Sun on June 27 at 9:30 a.m. We have hired a lawyer from Beijing to defend Ms. Sun. We invite you to attend the trial.

Ms. Sun Tao, 44, is a teacher. Before she began practicing Falun Gong, she suffered from severe hepatitis B and depression. After her baby was born, she experienced severe anemia and rheumatoid joint pain. She couldn't lead a normal life. After she began the practice, she quickly recovered from all of her illnesses and became healthy. She won first place in a several-thousand-meter school race. She is now being held in a detention center because she believes in Falun Gong. Because she has been detained for three months, deprived of the right to practice Falun Gong, and forced to do slave labor for long periods of time, she has become extremely feeble, and her liver disease may have recurred. Despite Ms. Sun's repeated requests for medical attention, she has been ignored by the authorities.

On the morning of February 25, 2012, as Ms. Sun Tao and her friend Qi Guoqin were leaving home, Han Zenglu and Zhao Changqing, deputy captains of the National Security Division in the Changan District, Shijiazhuang City, and a dozen undercover officers from the Donghuan Police Station and the Branch National Security Division of Yuhua arrested them. In order to seize Ms. Sun's key, Han Zenglu slapped her in the face. They broke into Ms. Sun's house and took her Falun Gong books, notebook computer, printer, bank card, car, and other belongings. According to Article 245 of the Penal Code, they have committed the crime of “illegal search of property.” Police officers with the Public Security Bureau of Yuhua have unlawfully used Ms. Sun's car for their private use. Such behavior, according to Article 270 of the Penal Code, constitutes “embezzlement of property.”

In China, there is no law that says Falun Gong is a “cult.” (Editor's note: Falun Gong teaches people to do good deeds. It is the CCP that undermines the legal system. In the name of “law,” the CCP attempts to frame good people.) The District Court of Yuhua knows that they have no legal basis in their handling of Falun Gong practitioners. They know that Ms. Sun did not break any law, yet they followed orders from the 610 Office and approved her arrest on April 1. The arrest file and charges contain many loopholes. According to Article 399 of the Penal Code, their act constitutes the crime of “Abusing the law for selfish motives.”

Shortly after Ms. Sun was detained in the Second Detention Center on March 1, 2012, she was forced to work 14 hours per day. According Articles 248 and 244 of the Penal Code, the captain of the Second Detention Center and related police officers have committed the crime of “Maltreatment and Forced Labor Abuse of Detainees.”

Ms. Sun's family has hired two lawyers to defend her. The lawyers asked to meet with Ms. Sun but the National Security Division of Yuhua denied the request. Ms. Sun's only daughter, who just took the college entrance exam, almost collapsed before the exam due to the mental pressure. In light of this, Ms. Sun's lawyers tried to apply to bail her out. However, pressured by the 610 Office, the prosecutor quickly filed charges against Ms. Sun with the District Court of Yuhua to prevent her from being bailed out.

In dealing with Ms. Sun, the public security bureau and the procuratorial personnel have repeatedly violated the law, and Ms. Sun's lawyers were furious. In May, they decided to file a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office of Yuhua.

At this point, we would like our kindhearted and just friends and neighbors in Shijiazhuang City to pay close attention to the following two points:

1. Is the Justice System Being Fair?

Cases of the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners belong to religious conflicts. Thus, in order to ensure that justice is served, we ask that everyone take part in supervising the trial. That is, all the so-called “evidence” provided by the plaintiff must be shown to the court during the trial. For example, the truth-clarification disc must be played in front of everyone in the court, each example of truth-clarification fliers must be read aloud, and all Falun Gong-related books must be read out in the court, so that the audience can judge whether or not the evidence provided by the communist authorities accusing Ms. Sun is in violation of the law. Specifically: 1. The plaintiff must provide the court with proof of how Ms. Sun broke the law. 2. Is she a thief, robber, murderer, or arsonist? 3. Has she injured or persecuted anyone? 4. What are the facts of her crime, the process, and her motivation? If the plaintiff cannot address these four elements, then Ms. Sun cannot be convicted. If the law enforcement agencies falsely accuse, detain, and try someone, then sooner or later they will have to assume responsibility for their wrongdoings.

2. What Is Evil and What Is Righteous?

According to the 35th and 36th provisions on the Constitution, the citizens of the People's Republic of China have the freedom of religious belief, spreading one's religion, speech, publication, assembly, association, procession, and demonstration. In fact, to this date, there is not a single law that defines Falun Gong is an “evil cult.”

Falun Gong teaches people to live according to the characteristics of the universe—Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. These principles have been universally recognized, and the practice has become popular around the world. How is it “evil?” Speaking from a universal concept, guiding people to brazenly commit evildoings or inducing them to do unscrupulous deeds are undeniably “evil.” Judging by this, the CCP's promotion of the so-called “philosophy of struggle,” its advocating violence, instigating hatred, and inducing people to strike, steal, struggle, kill, and destroy for money, fame, and power, is genuinely evil. The CCP is the real evil cult.

In closing, the 610 Office of Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang City and the District Court of Yuhua plan to try Ms. Sun Tao on June 27, 2012. A well-known lawyer from Beijing will come to defend her. We sincerely ask you to pay attention to and attend the trial. We believe that your kind deeds will be rewarded in the near future.


  • A sincere Falun Gong practitioner