(Minghui.org) Where are the old force's dark minions? They come and surround you when you are attached to sentimentality. The stronger your attachment, the more they come, and in this dimension, you feel tightness and heaviness in your head. They leave only when you're determined to give up your attachment--it goes back and forth like this.

How have the dark minions worked? When they noticed loopholes in my xinxing, and the attachment to lust, they checked my history of past reincarnations. The dark minions are low level Buddhas, Daos and divine beings of the old universe, so they know the history of reincarnation within the three realms thoroughly. They discovered that my assistant consciousness and the assistant consciousness of the female practitioner I study the Fa with held a huge grievance between them. In a past life, one had stolen the wife of the other. Later, he was killed, and the killer went to jail. In the next life, both consciousnesses reincarnated into one person, but hadn't eliminated their karma. Since one had killed the other, it might have become my wife or lover to pay the debt that way. The dark minions would intensify the sentimentality, and if their hearts weren't righteous and couldn't extricate themselves, then they would have undermined Dafa--the dark minions would have then found excuses for destroying both of them.

This is not limited to sentimentality, but also occurs when we understand the Fa from a perceptual level, not from a rational level. The dark minions seize upon our mistakes, such as slandering the Buddha Fa in the past and/or disrespecting Teacher, and push these people to enlighten on a deviated path – to the point of helping “transform” practitioners, assisting the Chinese Communist Party in doing bad deeds and destroying cultivators that way.

This is the law of cause and effect: [The old forces' logic is this:] If you have a xinxing problem, the dark minions will use the karma from your past to test you. If you pass the test, then you will be qualified, otherwise, you will be ruined. If you are destroyed, then so be it; this is to guarantee the success of Fa rectification and the future universe. This sounds reasonable and well argued.

The law of cause and effect is an imperfect expression of the low-level universe's law of “formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction”. These are clumsy regulations of the old universe, but the low-level Buddhas, Daos and divine beings are good at eliminating things.

However, the old forces are committing a crime if they use this on Dafa practitioners. The true nature behind their actions is jealousy and selfishness. The old forces can't see beyond this law of cause and effect – that there is a mission Dafa disciples shoulder and that countless higher lives need to be saved. They can't accommodate the universe as a whole to view Fa rectification, and can't consider problems from different perspectives so that more sentient beings can be saved. This has determined their own fate of elimination.

The old forces would argue, “How can you not pay off your karma?” We of course, will pay back our karma through Fa study, doing the exercises, sending righteous thoughts and saving sentient beings. We will eliminate large amounts of karma by doing the three things, and we don't need to limit ourselves by the law of cause and effect from the past. On the contrary, countless sentient beings have been ruined and countless remote celestial bodies have been destroyed because the old forces insisted on the law of cause and effect, since they could no longer pay the debts themselves. This is the reason why we have to completely negate the old forces' arrangements and walk the path which Teacher has arranged for us, as we are standing on the point for accommodating the entire universe.

Even though we do not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements, when we have xinxing loopholes, they will seize upon them. How regretful it would be, if numerous sentient beings were eliminated because of us! As long as the Fa rectification is ongoing, we still have an opportunity. Learn from your mistakes, do not indulge yourselves, pay attention to your every thought, intensify your Fa study and go beyond the law of cause and effect with your firm righteous thoughts.