(Minghui.org) Over the past few months, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities in Shandong Province have used the excuse of “maintaining the security of the upcoming 'Two Conferences' and '18th Party Conference'” to monitor Falun Gong practitioners. They assigned two people to monitor each practitioner in every village. They also gave orders that bulletins be posted on all main streets and in small alleys, asking people to "report practitioners to the authorities in return for a reward." They hoped that non-practitioners who did not understand the facts about Falun Gong would comply. They didn't care that this was illegal and a crime against Dafa. This effort was resisted by many village officials.

One county-level village committee official did not post a single bulletin, but stored them in a warehouse after his superiors concluded the meeting and put him in charge of posting the bulletins. He also told a practitioner in his village, "Once again, my superiors held a meeting and told us to report on practitioners. During the coming months you should pay more attention to your safety."

There are two practitioners in that village. They've distributed truth clarification materials about Falun Gong over the past years in all the nearby villages and towns. The local police were aware of this but didn't take any action against the practitioners.

Another village official visited a practitioner after participating in the CCP town-level conference, where authorities demanded increased arrests of practitioners. He told him to pay more attention to safety: "Our village did not post the bulletins as we were directed. If the local police bureau sends an inspection team, we will take care of them. The town officials claimed that there are eight or nine practitioners in our village. Please advise everyone to be extremely careful." The practitioner told him, "Thank you. Please be assured that we will not cause any trouble. It is just that the evil Party is nearing its end and therefore its members are going crazy."

One town official said to his subordinates after having listened to the demands at a conference, "There is a practitioner in your village. You need to tell her to be more careful over the coming weeks."

The village officials asked, "What should we do with these bulletins?" The town official said, "Just store them, don't post them. After the situation calms down, burn them."