(Minghui.org) Volunteers who work at the Centers for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), located at prominent tourist sites throughout Europe, have noted that tourists from China actively seek them out, to quit the CCP and to get information on current events. They are especially interested in issues of the Epoch Times that report on the infighting in the CCP leadership. In fact, volunteers often can't keep enough newspapers on hand due to the high demand.

Many Chinese tourists have remarked that they realize that the Chinese government is blocking information and keeping people in the dark. Therefore, they are all the more eager to read the news from overseas. Many are so grateful to read uncensored news that they thank the volunteers profusely and some have even invited the volunteers out to dinner.

I’ll take these truth-clarification newspapers home so that all my relatives and friends can read them”

A Chinese tourist said to a volunteer, “On learning that something happened to Wang Lijun [former police chief of Chonqing, active in the persecution of Falun Gong], everybody in China was expecting a further detailed report, but we waited and waited, and nothing was reported about this. When Bo Xilai fell out of power, we all knew that something must have happened in the upper leadership. But what exactly happened? Ordinary people have spread a lot of rumours, all kinds of them. We don’t know if any of it is true or false. Anyway, it's just grapevine news.” Another tourist broke in, “Would you believe it even if the 'official' news is announced by the government? How many words of truth has that CCTV [the state-run television station] told people? The rumours that our ordinary people have spread are perhaps more true. The incident about Chen Guangcheng has caused a great stir all round the world, but the people in China don’t know about it at all. Don't you think that the CCP is deceiving the Chinese people?”

With a special issue of Epoch Times in hand, a Chinese tourist told a volunteer, “Your news is like a welcome, thirst-quenching rain for us." Another tourist said, “We’ll keep the newspaper after reading it. I’ll bring it back home so that all my family and friends can read it.” The volunteer told them, “Following the downfall of Zhou Yongkang [former head of the Central Political and Legislative Committee, also instrumental in the persecution of Falun Gong], there will be even greater shady deals exposed. Please take these materials with you and read them at home, but first, please seize this opportunity to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations so as to secure your safety and future.” The proposal raised by the volunteer was immediately accepted and a number of visitors announced their withdrawals from the party.

Thank you on behalf of the people of China!”

An older gentleman waiting for his bus was sitting on a bench reading the Epoch Times. A volunteer passing by struck up a friendly conversation with him, and the old man stood up and shook hands with her, saying, "I thank you on behalf of the people of China! It is so great that you have exposed the CCP’s shady deals. What you have been doing is so good. It is Falun Gong that does it and only you who can do it. Falun Gong is really great and you have been working so hard. The year of 2012 is the end of the CCP, it’s finished!" The volunteer told him, “The reason why we are clarifying the truth is to have everyone know the truth so that you can make the correct choice in the battle between good and evil.” The old man said excitedly, “What you’ve done is really good! Your victory is at hand!"

The volunteer asked, “Have you quit the CCP? If you haven’t, please do so with an alias I’ll give you.” The old man replied, “I am determined to quit the CCP!” He said this in a clear, loud voice without trying to avoid those around him.

A group of tourists from the same bus were sitting on benches nearby, listening to the talk between the old man and the volunteer. The volunteers asked them, “What do you all think about it? Can I also give you an assumed name to quit the CCP as the old gentleman has done?” Everybody nodded and they also quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Two Cadres Who Made Sarcastic Comments Quit the CCP after Hearing the Truth

Two men who looked like they were CCP cadres, did not only not listen to the volunteer clarifying the truth but also made sarcastic comments among the tourists: "Oh, we do not want to know the truth. What’s the use of knowing the facts? What’s more, if we know it, this will make us angrier. It is better to stay confused.” One of the two men added, “We are travelling here because we want to enjoy ourselves. You do not need to tell us about it. You will make us worried!”

The volunteer answered, “You keep saying that you are patriotic, yet such a big thing has happened in China, but you are indifferent. I would like to advise you not to be unhappy [about what we're doing here]. Please listen to me. You won’t be unhappy when you understand what I have told you. You will become broad-minded and you'll thank me for telling you the facts.”

The two men became quiet. The volunteer continued, “You are quite content with your lot while you are abroad, aren’t you? You are thinking that it is the Communist Party that has brought you a happy life; you don’t want China to be unsteady and want to keep this present life of yours? It is not wrong for one to seek a safe and stable life, but the question is, will you be able to keep this kind of life? The state of the CCP leadership has never been as precarious as it is today and it has never been as publicized internationally as it has currently. Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang both have schemed to usurp power, done everything possible to monopolize the highest authority, for fear that they will be exposed and punished in the future for the crimes they have committed. Because of their having been following Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Gong, they have accrued a mountain of blood debt. Their hands are stained with the blood of the people. Had they succeeded, China would slide backwards to the years of the ultra-leftist's Cultural Revolution. Hasn’t the forced movement of all people singing red songs and 'attacking the mafia' been rehearsed in Chongqing? If this really happens, the entire population of China would suffer. Now, a large number of high-level CCP inside stories have been exposed: Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang both are not only corrupt but are also involved in harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for sale for huge profit. Can this wicked Party be allowed to exist?”

The volunteer showed the men a photograph of words written in stone, and continued, “Two hundred and seventy million years ago, there existed these words in stone: 'The Chinese Communist Party will be destroyed.' That is what Heaven wants. The Communist Party has committed all manner of bad deeds and aroused the great indignation of both men and Heaven. It is time for it to be destroyed.”

The two men were stunned and said, “The Communist Party hasn’t done anything good. We understand this and will keep it in mind.”

The volunteers continued, “Since you know that the Communist Party is bad, please quit it as quickly as possible so as to avoid the impending catastrophe and keep yourselves safe and peaceful. You were not blamed for joining the Party at that time, but now you should be clear-headed when you are advised to quit the Party. ‘The Chinese Communist Party will be destroyed,’ this heavenly secret has been revealed to people. If you turn a deaf ear to the call from Heaven and do not erase the mark of the beast, you will be eliminated along with the Chinese Communist Party in the future. At that time whom can you blame? The deities are compassionate to people and are reminding people of this. China is undergoing great changes; everyone is faced with a choice, which relates to their future and destiny. Here we’re earnestly and compassionately telling you the truth, without asking you for a penny, offering you the truth-clarification materials free of charge. What we have been doing is to have everyone understand what is right and what is wrong so that you can make the correct choice. I am now persuading you to quit the Party, and doing so is in your best interest. What are you angry?”

One person replied, “What you have said is quite right. For this I do thank you.”

The two men not only quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, but also asked for a copy of the informational materials. They sat on a bench reading the materials attentively until their bus was about to go. Before they got on the bus, the volunteer said to them, “Please tell others what you have learned. Once they get to know the truth, others will choose to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations as you have done. This is an extremely important thing.”