(Minghui.org) As May 13, World Falun Dafa Day, approaches, a handful of Mainland China practitioners are calling on everyone to publicly do the exercises while wearing Dafa clothing, to convene Fa Conferences at the provincial, city, or county levels, and to hold celebratory events, among other things. It is understandable for Dafa disciples to want to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the public introduction of Dafa, but given the fact that the persecution has not ended, it is not rational to do this in Mainland China. Right now is a critical moment for focusing on cultivating oneself and saving people.

We hope that the practitioners throughout China can, as they have always done, continue clarifying the truth, exposing the evil, and saving all beings in a rational, solid manner, and not change around the things that practitioners are to do based on personal understandings, even going so far as to not consider practitioners’ safety by calling on other practitioners to change the way that they clarify the truth.

Falun Dafa Association

April 8, 2012