(Minghui.org) A short time ago, several veteran practitioners from an area in mainland China were asked by overseas practitioners to collect local historical materials and compile a history of Dafa's spread in the area, in preparation for a historic archive. This has created an obvious security threat for local practitioners. Some local practitioners tried to dissuade them, to no avail, so they reported the situation to Minghui editors. Minghui editors have also reminded those involved to pay attention to safety, to take saving people as the priority for the present time, and not to rush into writing historical chronicles. However, despite repeated reminders, the practitioners involved still ignored attempts made to dissuade them. In recent days, it has been reported that practitioners in charge of this matter, especially those who were in video interviews, have all been arrested by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which has brought damage to Dafa disciples and grieves Master.

Since the CCP started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999, a small number of overseas practitioners have not paid attention to the safety of Mainland disciples, and have repeatedly done things that have harmed Mainland disciples and interfered with their walking the paths arranged by Master. There have been far more than just a couple of such instances. If Fa-rectification were indeed to come to a close, and at this point a practitioner is still doing such things, which enable the CCP’s persecution and please the old forces, shouldn't that person immediately let go of self and solidly cultivate xinxing?

Master has time and again taught disciples about the critical nature of things that take place during the period of Fa-rectification cultivation, and that what disciples do, how they do it, and how well they cultivate all impact sentient beings' futures. Dafa disciples also know that Master has neatly arranged what overseas disciples are to do and what mainland disciples are to do. Then have we overseas practitioners solidly done well those things that Master has clearly asked us to do? Why do we tend to arrange for mainland practitioners to do things that we want? Isn't this being driven by one's attachment to self and human thinking, and isn't this a case of having been interfered with and going to interfere with others, instead of focusing on getting rid of that interference? Would we be able to bear responsibility for the associated consequences? These are all questions that we should ask ourselves.

No matter which practitioner, and no matter which media entity, website, or practitioner-initiated project outside of China that disregards the safety of mainland practitioners and asks them to do things not the least bit related to saving people, they are sabotaging Master's arrangement for Fa-rectification and saving people, and interfering with mainland Dafa disciples. We hope that those disciples outside of China whom this applies to will not keep incurring karma like this, and instead cultivate solidly, with rationality, and seize the day to save people. We also hope that our fellow Dafa practitioners inside and outside of China who have heard about this matter will learn a lesson from it and avoid making the same mistake.

November 12, 2012