(Minghui.org) When I was young, I was very sickly. When I turned 17, I suffered from low energy and chronic fevers. In addition, my skin bruised very easily and I experienced bleeding from various parts of my body. My doctor discovered that I had aplastic anemia, which he said was incurable.

At that time, I did not realize the severity of the disease, but after being hospitalized, I had an opportunity to talk to other patients with the same disease. The doctors told us that our immunity and blood platelet count were so low that if we ever got into an accident and lost a lot of blood, our life would be in imminent danger. When the patients in my ward starting dying one after another, I told myself, “I will hang on until a 'magic cure' becomes available.” Although I suffered from chronic nosebleeds, I did not think that I would die. The only thing that kept me alive was blood transfusions, steroid injections, and herbal medicine. My life was indeed a living hell!

By 1998, I was suffering from low-grade fevers every day. Whenever I ate something, I would vomit. I had pain in my liver area and I was losing weight, fast. The doctors suspected that I had liver cancer.

It was at that time that one of my relatives introduced me to Falun Dafa and suggested that I read Zhuan Falun and Lectures in the United States. When I finished reading the books, I understood why human beings have illnesses—and that the only way I could change my life was to cultivate. Right then and there, I decided to walk the path of cultivation and threw out all of my medications.

At 4 a.m. the next morning, I went to the practice site and sat down to watch the practitioners do the exercises. As soon as the music started, I felt very comfortable, so I decided to join in. I then felt warm currents flowing through my fingers and palms. I could also feel the Falun swirling around my lower abdomen. The following are some of the magical things that I experienced.

While I was watching the videos of Teacher's lectures, I felt Teacher cleansing my body. Although I vomited and had diarrhea up to eight times a day, I felt better and better; my appetite improved; and the pain in my liver area disappeared. I was finally able to eat normally again. After about a month of doing the exercises and studying the Fa, I was able to walk to the park by myself—instead of riding on the back of a friend's tricycle to get there. In addition, my menstrual cycle became normal again; my gray hair turned black, and I felt very energetic all day long.

Before practicing Dafa, I used to be hot-tempered, narrow-minded, and calculating—and no one dared to confront me. After I studied Zhuan Falun, I understood the reason for my illnesses: I had done a lot of bad deeds in this life. I realized that to practice Dafa, I must follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, change my character, and think of others first.

When we lived with my husband's brother, sister-in-law, and parents-in-law, we fought every day over the use of the apartment. After taking up the practice, I gave up the apartment and moved to my parents' home. I apologized to my in-laws for my meanness and told them that, as a practitioner, I had to follow Dafa's principles. When my mother-in-law suffered a stroke, I took care of her until she died. When it came to my personal interests, I took the position that, if it was mine then I wanted it, if it wasn't, then I wouldn't fight for it. After seeing the changes in my health and in my character, my whole family knows that Falun Dafa is good.

I now understand that it was Falun Dafa that I had been waiting for my whole lifethe “magic cure” that I'd been waiting for was Falun Dafa!