(Minghui.org) The Jiangyuan District Court in Baishan City planned to try Ms. Gong Qiumin and Ms. Xie Yuhong on the morning of October 30, 2012 without notifying their family members. Ms. Gong was once tortured using the death bed. Wearing shackles and being brutally force fed, she was in critical condition, yet her family members were not allowed to visit. The court claimed that no attorney would be allowed to defend the practitioners according to rules set by higher ranking officials.

On February 16, 2012, Ms. Gong Qiumin and Ms. Xie Yuhong, from Jiangyuan District, were arrested by officers from the Jiangyuan District Police Station when they were in a vehicle going home. After they were taken to the Jiangyuan District Police Station, police officers confiscated the personal property that they had with them. Wei Yuxia, from the Jiangyuan District 610 Office, together with Wei Fanbao and another police officer from the Chengqiang Police Station, later went to Ms. Xie's home to ransack it and confiscated her personal property, including her computer, books, and more. They were later taken to the Jiangyuan District Detention Center and held there.

During that time, Ms. Gong went on a hunger strike and was tied to the “death bed” by the guards. Her hands and legs were constrained with metal chains. Because she had not eaten for a few days, and also because she was handicapped, she was very weak and cried continuously. Even the inmates could not bear what she suffered, so they tried to get the guards to release her from the “death bed.” The guards only released her one leg, which was handicapped, from the shackles. They later brutally force fed her. On the second day, blood flowed out of the feeding tube, so the guard who was doing the force feeding did not dare to continue. She was tortured to being in critical condition and then agreed to eat. Only then was she released from the “death bed.”

Ms. Gong's family members requested her release many times and were forced to pay 10,000 yuan. On February 23, 2012, eight days after she was incarcerated, she was released on bail for medical treatment. Even though she is back home, her family members are being forced by police officers to watch her. She still did not have any freedom and police officers frequently came to harass her.

On April 20, 2012, within two months after Ms. Gong was back home, she was again arrested.

At the end of June, 2012, Ms. Xie's family was notified by the court that her case had been transferred to the court and she could hire an attorney. After the family hired an attorney, the court reneged on their commitment, saying that it was not allowed to hire an attorney to defend Falun Gong practitioners according to the rules from higher ranking officials. At that time, the judge in charge of this case was Shao (given name unknown)

Ms. Gong ran a grocery store by herself. After 1999 when she started practicing Falun Gong, she became healthy and kind, with harmony in her family. However, when Jiang's regime started the persecution, the couple would not give up the practice, and as a result, she and her husband Mr. Zhang Gongchang were arrested and held many times. From 2001 to 2012, Ms. Gong has been detained and sentenced to forced labor four times. She was held at the Jiangyuan District Detention Center, Baishan City Detention Center, Jilin Province Jiutai Forced Labor Camp and the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City. On December 26, 2007, after she was arrested, she was taken to the Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp. As a result of persecution, she developed several diseases and was very weak. After Ms. Gong was released, she recovered after practicing Falun Gong.

Since their arrests, it has been eight and a half months, and their families have not been allowed to visit. The court will try both practitioners on the morning of October 30, 2012 without notifying their family members.

Parties involved in the persecution:
Wei Yuxia, 610 Office: +86-13704495616 (Cell)
Wang Ying, party secretary and director of police station:13704493001 (Cell)
Wang Zhun, party deputy secretary and instructor of the police station: +86-13943998828 (Cell)
Shao, judge (criminal division), in charge of this case: +86-18643931012 (Cell), +86-15844958399 (Cell)
the Court: +86-439-3728407 (Office), +86-439-3728408 (Office)
Chen Dalong, president of the court: +86-439-3728401(Office)
Lan Bo: +86-439-3722362 (Office)
Han Jinghua: +86-439-3727155 (Office), +86-13604490077(Cell)