Knowing the Truth of Falun Gong, Everything Goes Smoothly

Ms. Donghui, my good friend, is 41. She lives in a remote village on a hill ten li (a traditional Chinese measure of distance equivalent to approximately 0.5 km) away from town. Ms. Donghui built a market on property where her old house was located. She sells all kinds of things that farming people need. She is very kind and treats those in her village, her customers, and the elderly and young with the same warmhearted attitude. She has earned a good reputation for her kindness and honesty. In addition to the families in her village, the nearby village people also shop in her market. Her business is getting better every day.

Donghui is also very strong-willed. Earlier she ran a small grocery store of less than 10 sq. meters in the corner of her house. She rode her bike with two big baskets and traveled 10 li (~5 km) out of town to get her wholesale goods. The road there has hills with steep stretches sections and it is not smooth. Now she owns a market of about 270 sq. meters. She also owns two trucks, small food processing equipment, and modern office equipment. How was she able to develop her business so successfully?

Back in 2011, I went to her market and saw that her store was full of a wide variety of goods. The customers kept coming and going. Donghui greeted me warmly. She waited until her busy time had passed and started to chat with me. I said, “Looking back, you started your business with two big baskets, but now it has grown into such a big market. You have really done well!” She smiled and said, “Why didn’t you say that due to my belief in Dafa, everything has run very smoothly? I treat my customers kindly, and therefore everybody trusts me and comes to buy my goods. My kindness came from my belief in Dafa.” Donghui often visited the Dafa website and read the truth clarification materials, so she knows the facts and believes in Dafa, which is the reason that her business runs so smoothly.

Seeing the “Three Withdrawals” as Important as Life Itself

One evening in 2009, Ms. Donghui called me: “Today when I unloaded goods from the truck, I found several Falun Gong fliers and I read them all. Please help the three members of my family quit the Youth League we attended. Please do not forget.” I said, “Didn’t I already help all of your family quit previously?” She said, “Then I need not worry about it. I have been so busy that I forgot.” Quitting the CCP’s affiliated organizations is very important for her family, her business, and her future.

Donating Money to Print Informational Materials

Although Ms. Donghui runs a large market, her life is still as simple as before. She does not spend money on new clothes and she controls her daughter’s spending money very tightly. Her family eats simple foods and she always eats instant noodles. Some of her relatives even say behind her back that she is very cheap. However, she has done one thing very generously.

One evening in May 2001, Ms. Donghui rode her bike to climb the ten-li-long road uphill to my house. She was sweating. Her aunt offered her fruit and said, “You are so tired, please sit down.” Ms. Donghui reached in her pocket and said, “Nobody is watching my store and I have to return quickly.” Then she took out a pile of money, put it on my bed, and said, “Here is 600 yuan. It is to be used to save people, and nobody should refuse to take it!” (She always read such materials and visited the Dafa website, otherwise she would not have said this.)

Everyone there was very surprised and had no clue what she meant. I understood her meaning and was very touched. I repeated her words to myself, “That's right, nobody should refuse it.” Ms. Donghui kept saying, “Now I realize that all of the materials handed out by Falun Gong practitioners are paid for with their own money. They saved every nickel to make them. Now this bit of money is my contribution.” Then she rushed back to her market.

I saw her to the road and watched her disappear into the darkness. I was delighted that she understood the real meaning of life.

Criticizing the Person Who Destroyed Informational Materials

Ms. Donghui valued all the Falun Gong materials she received. Once she had finished reading one, she would pass it on. Some of the folks in her village lived far away and it was very hard to get there even riding a bike. She asked me for some Shen Yun DVDs and walked to those families' homes to give them the DVDs. She always told people, “If you see Dafa materials, you should not destroy them. You should read them carefully since they will do you good.” She hated for anyone to destroy Dafa materials.

In 2009, Donghui heard that a young person in her village named “Zhao” had picked up a bag of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party that had been collected from outside of each house. He sold it to a man who was collecting and selling recyclables. A few days later, “Zhao” fell while he was riding his motorcycle and broke his thumb.

One day “Zhao” came to shop in Donghui’s store and had his arm bandaged. Donghui scolded him in front of her other customers, saying, “So, since you sold Falun Gong materials, you have been punished. Whoever got those materials, they became your property. You took the materials away to sell for money, is that right?” He murmured to himself, “I do not believe those things.”

Soon thereafter the man’s wife divorced him. The court gave him custody of their eight-year-old daughter. Later the man re-married. However, his second wife also divorced him.

The Warehouse Caught Fire but Everyone Was Safe

Donghui’s market was located less than 100 meters from the polluted river. During the summertime there are lots of mosquitoes in her market. In July 2001, her daughter, Xiaoli, lit a wick to get rid of the mosquitoes and left it on the table in the warehouse. Then she left the match under the wick and went out. At that time only a few customers were in the store. Donghui was there by herself when all of a sudden she saw a big fire with flames running all the way to the ceiling. She rushed to put it out. Within a short time the fire was out and no one was hurt.

Looking back at where the fire started was very sobering. In the warehouse were three buckets of gasoline on the floor, but none of them were damaged. As everyone knows, the plastic used to make the buckets to hold gasoline is very thin and melts easily. If that gasoline had caught fire in the closed warehouse, there would have been a big explosion. There were other dangerous goods stored in the warehouse that could have easily caught fire and exploded, not just the gasoline. There were several big boxes of firecrackers, cooking oil, alcohol, plastic products, and other items. So much of Donghui’s goods were easily flammable. If all those things had caught fire, the damage would have been catastrophic, and all of her goods worth over 100,000 yuan would have burned up.

Miraculously, the fire only burned the clothes hanging beside the table and some small food items. Nothing else was damaged. The flames burned the plastic ceiling panels of the warehouse and warped them. However, on the top shelf used to store goods very close to the ceiling, one Dafa book, Zhuan Falun, wrapped in a yellow silk cloth, was not touched by the fire. However, that shelf was in the very center of the fire. That it was not damaged was truly miraculous.

Donghui told me her story and continued to say very sincerely, “It was Dafa that saved me and my family.” Donghui wanted to read the Dafa book, so I gave her one. Her husband has to drive to town to buy goods every day, so only Donghui minds her market at that time. Every day she works until very late and had little time to read the book. Because of this, she put the book on top of the goods shelf.