(Clearwisdom.net) I've always wanted to write about some of my personal experiences and describe Teacher’s great mercy, but my thoughts rambled and I didn't know where to begin. As soon as I picked up the pen, I felt that I hadn't done as well as other practitioners, and therefore didn't have the confidence to write. I was inspired by reading several issues of Minghui Weekly, and realized that since I was Teacher’s disciple and he'd done so much for me, I needed to express how I felt deep down.

1. Teacher Gave Me New Life

I was disabled as a result of various illnesses prior to becoming a Falun Dafa practitioner in 1995. I suffered from renal tuberculosis at the age of 14, and there was no spot on my body without sickness. I had blood clots in the brain, severe chest pain, liver disease, lost eyesight, deafness, and paralysis from the waist down. My left kidney had deteriorated, and the right kidney held water, so I was hospital-bound throughout the year, and couldn't walk without help. I sought treatment from Western medicine, Chinese medicine and anything else I could think of, but my condition worsened. On the fourth night of practicing Falun Dafa, I was doing the sitting meditation exercise, when I suddenly felt intense pain in my lower back – but soon the pain disappeared instantly. Teacher removed the root of my illness. When I got up early the next morning, all the pain and illnesses had vanished. I couldn't bend my legs prior to beginning the practice, and kept sweating from the pain during the exercises; sometimes I even burst into tears, but felt relaxed after the exercises. My body didn't hurt when I walked to the practice site, but started to hurt when I got home. This condition lasted for two and a half months, but then my entire body became light, as if I was flying when I walked. I had never experienced such a wonderful feeling in my entire life.

Teacher said,

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Zhuan Falun)

My husband, children and other relatives began practicing Falun Dafa after witnessing my improvement and this supernormal Fa.

2. Believing in Teacher and Dafa; Feeling Teacher's Presence and Help to Pass a Tribulation

The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) actions after the April 25, 1999 event felt like another one of their many political movements. My workgroup warned me to stop practicing Falun Dafa, since it was expected there would be arrests. The start of the persecution on July 20, 1999 was a bit like the Cultural Revolution; the CCP's influence was expanding, and the evil party’s heavy suppression created a helpless feeling. I heard that the work groups had all left for a meeting that day, and would be giving Falun Gong practitioners a hard time when they returned. I couldn't sleep that night. As I was leaving for work on the morning of July 23, my husband suggested that I shouldn't speak much if the work groups talked to me; that it didn't matter what I said, but certainly not “I'll stop practicing.” On the way to work, I kept thinking that I couldn't say “I'll stop practicing,” no matter what happened. When I arrived at work, the workgroup called and asked me to meet with them. In the office, the unexpectedly cheerful workgroup asked me to sit down, explained some things to me, and asked who else at my work practiced. I said I was the only one. In the end one of them said that I could keep practicing, but not out in public. Afterwards, I discovered that the party committee officer had to complete a form every week to report on how many employees were practitioners and to evaluate their performance. My work group reported that there were no practitioners in the workplace.

3. Experiencing Teacher’s Mercy in Explaining the Truth and Saving People

There is a retired group of judicial and public security organizations in my city, and there was one particular person who held important posts in the Politics and Law Committee, the Judicial Bureau and the local prison. He suffered from many illnesses, and especially an unbearable chest pain he experienced all day long. He had a growth on his intestines, and the medical examination process caused him extreme pain, so he decided to have an operation. On January 15, 2002 of the lunar New Year, he asked me, “Can I learn the practice?” I replied that Falun Dafa and my Teacher targets one’s heart, no matter who the person is, so he certainly could if he was sincere. He began reading Zhuan Falun and practiced the exercises. During the exercises, he couldn't bend his legs or stand straight at the waist, so it was very difficult for him to do the sitting meditation. However, he insisted on sitting for the full hour from the beginning, and didn't get up before the exercise music stopped. He was in such pain, that his clothes were soaked in sweat, and he had tears coming down his face. He insisted on practicing, and on the fourth day, his illnesses disappeared. Although he couldn't read the book very well even with glasses, one day he thought, “None of you wear glasses, so let me try.” He began to see the words clearly, and stopped wearing the reading glasses. He was so happy, that he called me to say that this was really a supernatural thing, that Teacher watched everything he was doing, knew what he wanted to do, and it worked. There are many cases similar to this, but I won’t list them all here. He witnessed Dafa’s supernatural power. Now he tells people about the wonder of Dafa and the CCP's terrible acts wherever he goes, especially at public security organizations' staff meetings. He has spoken in an open and aboveboard manner; in the past, some people nodded in agreement, while some had their heads down and didn't dare to look at him.

At the end of December 2005, a woman in her 70's had a stroke and was hospitalized for over 20 days. She underwent surgery which cost her over 80,000 yuan, but she remained unconscious after the surgery, with very swollen limbs. One evening, she seemed to be talking with a weak voice, and was looking for me. Her daughter asked if she wanted to see me, and she nodded. She called me to come over, and I went there quickly. I told her and everyone else in the room to think of the words “Falun Dafa is good.” About ten minutes later, the swelling in her arms disappeared. Then she started talking; she asked for water, and sat up to drink it. Her children wouldn't let her, but she looked at me, and I said that it was okay if she was able to. She sat up, drank the cup of water, and then asked for more. I asked her to wait for a little while. She then wanted to have a persimmon and egg noodle soup. Since it was too late to buy a persimmon, we drove out to look for a fruit vendor. When the driver got out of the car to buy a persimmon, the car suddenly went into reverse and lost control. I immediately had the thought that the old forces wanted to interfere with my saving sentient beings – that was not allowed! Teacher asked me to save sentient beings – so I thought, “Teacher please help me, I must save her.” The car suddenly stopped. After we prepared her meal, she ate one and a half bowls, but since she hadn't eaten or drank for over twenty days, we didn't dare let her eat too much. The next morning, I cooked breakfast and took it to her. As I entered the hospital ward, I saw her room filled with relatives who had received the notice that she was critically ill, and who had rushed to be at her side. They all saw that she was fine, and I took this opportunity to clarify the truth to many people. She sat up to eat, and the hospital branch director was really startled when he inspected the ward, remembering that she was critically ill only yesterday – how could she be sitting up to eat this morning? The woman asked if it was okay for her to eat, and the doctor replied, “Eat, eat. Eating is better than medicine.” The woman also wanted to get out of bed and leave the hospital. I called to check on her three days later, and found out that she was up and walking around at her home. Several years have passed; she's over 80 years old now, and quite healthy.

Back on October 1, 2004, there was a patient in her 50's with cirrhosis of the liver, who suddenly spit up blood, fainted and couldn't open her eyes. She was taken to a nearby hospital, where she received an injection to stop the bleeding. She was scheduled for a return appointment on October 8. I received a call from her on October 7, requesting treatment. Since she was unable to answer the phone, I asked her family to tell her to think “Falun Dafa is good.” When she came to my place, she looked as healthy as a normal person, with no physical problems. She explained that when she was told to think “Falun Dafa is good,” she felt a lightness, and then she felt fine. She got up like a healthy person, and didn't want to go to the hospital. Her family told her that the transportation had arrived, and the checkup was already scheduled – so just go in for the examination. She used to get carsick, but she was fine during that ride, even after sitting in the car for over two hours. Her family had arranged the checkup. I encouraged her to be unafraid, regardless of what the doctor said, and that she would be all right for sure. She was about to get an ultrasound, but before the instrument was moved to the right position, the doctor said that she had cirrhosis of the liver. She fainted upon hearing this. Afterwards, she said that she would surely die, since her father died from cirrhosis of the liver in the same hospital. She didn't eat for seven days, shifting between being aware and in a daze; the doctors felt helpless. I asked her to read Zhuan Falun, but she said that she couldn't see. I bought her a pair of reading glasses, but she still couldn't see clearly. When I went to see her again the next day, she told me that she could see the word “Fa” inside the metal hook of the injection bottle, and that the word was golden and shining. I read one lecture from Zhuan Falun to her. The next day, she saw the entire wall opposite her covered by light, and a person stood there and smiled at her. I asked her who she saw, and she said that it was the person in the book. I explained that she had a great predestined relationship – wasn’t that person Teacher? She told me that at midnight she ate two slices of cake, a big steamed bun, and a bowl of milk (she hadn't eaten for over ten days). She was completely cured, and she was released from the hospital that day. But, her relatives bought intravenous drip medicine for her, which was very expensive. I asked her husband to check with the chief doctor to see if she actually needed the medicine. The doctor said that she was fine and didn't need any further medication. The relatives thought that this was impossible – how could such severe illnesses be cured without medicine? She was perfectly fine when she returned home, so her relatives also began reading the book.

I wrote about these special cases, but I've experienced so many supernormal things, that it would take days and days to finish writing about them. I wanted to take this opportunity to express myself. Teacher has mercifully protected me for over ten years. From now on, I will rectify every thought, eliminate more attachments, do the three things well, and return home with Teacher.

I wish Teacher a happy 60th birthday, and honor World Falun Dafa Day.