(Clearwisdom.net) For the first five minutes before I send righteous thoughts, I have been clearing out the bad thoughts and perceptions I have. But I didn't have a clear understanding of what a bad perception was. Thus I was stuck at the level of only reciting the words. Sending forth righteous thoughts in this manner had no real effect. There were still bad perceptions in my mind which I didn't recognize.

Through studying Master’s Fa, I increasingly realized the invaluableness of Dafa. Dafa is different from the cultivation of the assistant spirit in the past. Dafa practitioners cultivate the main consciousness and thus it is the main consciousness that gets the gong. It means that we improve our xinxing with a clear awareness. We forever carry the fruits of cultivation with us. This was unimaginable to sentient beings in the past. The prerequisite is that we must live in ordinary human society. We improve our mind nature during tensions and conflicts with others, and constantly elevate our thinking and understanding. In this way we achieve the goal of the main consciousness obtaining the gong.

After cultivating Dafa for many years, I came to understand many Fa principles. Although Dafa is so wonderful and invaluable, I realized that I myself had not yet assimilated to Dafa. In my mind the past model of cultivation was deeply etched in my mind. Once I thought of cultivation, my thoughts included, “without worries and without care,” to “cut myself off from human society,” or “enter into the mountains or temples.” When I thought of cultivation, images of monks in the temples waking up early and reading scriptures under candlelight came to mind. I even thought that this was the best environment for cultivation. I forgot that Dafa’s cultivation is the one that is truly being responsible to sentient beings, and only in this way can everything be assimilated to the true nature of the cosmos. We steadily make improvements in the human world, thus we can really purify ourselves and no longer be polluted. At the same time I also realized that I neglected the fact that this old notion of cultivation is one of the reasons why we are persecuted by the evil forces.

Through Fa study, I read that in the early years when Master was spreading the Fa, many divine beings urged Master to go into the temples. The saviors in the past could only save the assistant spirit. They felt that the main consciousness was too difficult to save. Thus “cultivation in the temples” and “saving the assistant spirit” was the greatest wisdom of the old evil forces. This was the maximum limit of the powers of divine beings in the past. This also explains why the old evil forces create chaos amongst Dafa practitioners, which is then reflected in their path of thoughts. The old evil forces made use of the human mentality of pursuit and fabricated many evil rumors. The main reason for the rumors was to get practitioners to give up on their main consciousness and return back to the religious cultivation methods of the past, to give donations of food and clothing, give people who participate in cultivation different titles, etc. This may have satisfied a human’s desire for fame and good fortune but did not achieve the fundamental goal of cultivation. These old notions will ultimately destroy a person’s future.

When I found the root of this perception of mine, I became more clear-minded when sending righteous thoughts. Yet I also need to find any other perceptions that aren't in accordance with Dafa, and eliminate them from the root. I think that this unclear understanding is giving the old evil forces space to live. When I realize and eliminate it, it is the righteous Fa eliminating evil. In the future I will use Dafa to measure everything. I should view conflicts from the viewpoint of Dafa. Because Dafa is creating a new cosmos, all perceptions that are not in accordance with Dafa should be eliminated.