(Clearwisdom.net) I'm a young person who recently began to practice Falun Gong. I cannot forget a class I took during my junior year in college. Both the teacher and the lecture made a deep impression on me. The lecture was about a stone in Guizhou Province that was formed around 270 million years ago. Many experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have examined the stone. I was very curious and asked the teacher about the writings on it. She showed me a photo of the stone with carvings that said “The Chinese Communist Party Will be Eliminated.” I was very surprised. I used to visit temples and thought that the Buddha school's teachings were a high-level science that mankind could not reach, and it was not superstition. I even thought about finding a master to teach me cultivation in the mountains. These were some thoughts that I had that no one in school was able to understand.

After the class, the teacher said she was available during weekends to answer any questions we had. Although I made a mental note to do so, I was obsessed with sentimental issues and gradually forgot about it. The summer prior to my junior year, I met a man and we got along well. We chatted on the Internet, and he told me he believed in heavenly beings and recounted some miraculous encounters he had. I became interested in the subject matter.

I remembered my college teacher and made an appointment to see her on a weekend. She began to talk about “Tui Bei Tu” (an ancient Chinese book on prophecies), and then told me the facts about Falun Gong. At the time, my impression of Falun Gong was based on the propaganda I saw on television when I was young. Luckily, I knew that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was an atheist entity that negated the existence of gods, and it was the lack of spiritual beliefs that led to the decline in moral values in our society today.

After listening to the teacher, I thought I could make a judgment only after I learned more about Falun Gong. She gave me a copy of anti-censorship software which I installed, and I could then download Zhuan Falun.

My questions and doubts were answered after I finished reading Zhuan Falun. This was truly a good book and taught people to value virtue and be a good person. I understood that a cultivator must first be a good person and cultivate one's xinxing. I could not wait to learn the practice and downloaded the instructions and the videos for the exercises. I was grateful that the college teacher taught me and corrected my movements.

Initially after I began the practice, whenever I took naps around noon, I felt very light and comfortable in my dreams and was able to fly. I'm healthier and look better now, and I can carry heavy things. I know Master bestowed this upon me. I realized that when a person's inner content is good and is assimilated to the characteristics of the universe, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, what manifests on the surface is also beautiful. The exterior is an outer coat, but it is one's xinxing that determines the true beauty. I used to like fashionable clothes, but now I buy clothes that are modest and in good, traditional style.

In September, when the weather was still warm, I suddenly had a stuffy nose and a sore throat. When I woke up in the morning I spit bloody phlegm and coughed for many days. I had bronchitis when I was little, but I only had it in the winter. Why did I have cold symptoms in this heat? Moreover, I'm a practitioner and should not have illnesses. I thought Master was cleansing my body and getting rid of my illnesses from the root. This was a good thing, and thus, I tried to forbear it. My mother wanted me to take medication, but I told her that I was not sick and did not take it. I was fine after a week. One day recently around noon, I felt dizzy and wanted to vomit. Even my bones were aching. I was hot and had chills, and felt miserable. I knew Master was cleansing my body and I was not sick. I went home and sent righteous thoughts. I was fine after lying down for a few hours.

I'm grateful that Master has cleansed my body and removed my name from hell. I feel so fortunate to have met Master and be on the path of cultivation. I'm not able to verbalize my gratitude toward benevolent Master.

My college teacher later sent me audio tapes of Master's lectures, and I downloaded overseas lectures from the Internet. I gradually realized that it was an honor and blessing to be a Dafa practitioner, and I must be diligent and do the three things well to assist Master in Fa-rectification. Nevertheless, I know that I have not done well, and am often moved by human thoughts--especially thoughts of lust and sentimentality that appear often in my dreams--and I have not been able to pass the tests well. I think this is because my righteous thoughts are not strong enough and I can't always remember that I'm a cultivator. Although human society is a big dye vat, as long as there is the Fa, Master, and millions of practitioners around the world, there is no tribulation I cannot overcome. I'm on the path to divinity, so how can I be moved by human thoughts? When I encounter conflicts and problems, I think of how a divine being would look at the issue, and remind myself that I'm a practitioner. Our thoughts and actions must be righteous so that people get to know the goodness of Dafa. We can save more sentient beings when we walk the path with righteousness.

Above are my cultivation experiences. Please kindly point out anything that is inappropriate.