(Clearwisdom.net) May, a practitioner from Toronto, has been involved in media work outside of China. She was deeply impressed by the experience sharing articles from the Minghui website's “Eighth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China.” She said, “What really moved me is the selflessness and purity of practitioners in the mainland, and their steadfast belief in Master. We are in different environments, and what we do is different, but our goal is the same: to save people.”

“What we cultivate is the same Fa, but I've let up in my personal cultivation. After reading the experience sharings, I feel that I should be less fixated on doing things, but strengthen myself in looking within and my personal cultivation. Cultivation is serious; I can't just keep solely doing things without cultivating myself. Since I saw my shortcomings reflected in the mirror of fellow practitioners, what I should do next is correct my shortcomings and diligently and solidly cultivate myself.”

She also told a story about reminding and supporting each other during her recent participation in promoting Shen Yun Performing Arts:

“Several weeks ago, a fellow practitioner and I worked together to distribute flyers in residential areas. She told me that recent experience sharing articles written by practitioners in the mainland published on the Minghui website are very good and I should read them. But I was really busy every day, and felt I couldn't spare the time to read them. Later on, we went to distribute flyers again, and she asked if I had read any of the sharings on the website, I told her that I was really too busy. But she repeatedly insisted that I must read them. So I agreed to read them in a couple of days.”

“Finally, on a Friday, I completed the media work, but I still had other truth clarification things to handle, however I decided to put those things aside, and concentrated on reading experience sharings from mainland practitioners. Within the limited time I had, I finished reading two and a half articles, and I really benefited a lot. I'm grateful to the practitioner who urged me to read them.”

“Each time we finish distributing flyers, this practitioner always says, 'Several hundred more households have obtained information about Shen Yun.' I saw her pure and clean heart for saving people. I think it is very important for fellow practitioners to remind and support each other.”

Ceilia, a Taiwanese practitioner who lives in Tornoto, said that she couldn't remember how many mainland practitioners' experience sharings have deeply moved her. Reading them encourages her to be continuously diligent on the path of cultivation. She said, “I'm from Taiwan, and outside the Chinese Communist Party culture my cultivation environment is relaxed, but the Fa's requirement of each Dafa disciple is the same.”

Pierce, a Toronto practitioner who obtained the Fa outside of China in 1998, has been doing media work. He said, “I was impressed by an article 'Striving Forward and Assisting Master in Fa-rectification,' It was dictated by an elderly practitioner. She remained so simple, pure, and diligent in her cultivation, and she always maintained righteous thoughts. The most impressive part of her sharing was that she always says, 'It's my fault,' no matter what happens.”

“Whenever something happened, she always wondered, 'Is it personal cultivation, or Fa-rectification cultivation?' When she encountered persecution, she looked within, and asked, 'Is it lack of righteous thoughts or is it because I can't let go of ego?' Because she evaluated everything with the Fa, many ordeals, tribulations and troubles disappeared.”

“Another article that impressed me is 'Finding the Problem--Walking the Path of Cultivation Well and Rectifying Myself at All Times.' The author, a practitioner, has been working on a Fa-validation project. She studied the Fa and cultivated herself diligently, but her state remained the same, and her body was being severely interfered with. Why was she interfered with, and what was the fundamental cause of her problem? By truly searching for the problems within, she found that, ever since childhood, she had loved to read. Therefore, many human notions and theories were instilled in her through reading. She came to understand that this was the root cause of her tribulations.

“After reading this, I suddenly had a realization: when participating in promoting Shen Yun, [we may raise questions, such as] what I want to do, how should I do it, and which practitioners should coordinate with me... Even raising these questions may be an obstacle. So we should definitely let go of self, and harmonize what the Fa-rectification needs.”