(Clearwisdom.net) I remember that besides asking us to study the Fa more, Master often mentioned the term “genuine cultivation practice.” The last two characters on the last page of Zhuan Falun are “shi xiu” (meaning genuine cultivation practice). This shows just how important it is to cultivate ourselves well with genuine cultivation practice.

Master said:

“The disciples who practice cultivation in Falun Dafa must remember that you absolutely should not take the Fa merely as ordinary human academic scholarship or as something for monks to study, rather than actually practicing cultivation. Why do I tell you to study, read, and memorize Zhuan Falun? To guide your cultivation! As to those who only do the exercises but don’t study the Fa, they are not disciples of Dafa whatsoever. Only when you are studying the Fa and cultivating your heart and mind in addition to the means of reaching Consummation—the exercises, and truly changing yourself fundamentally while improving your xinxing and elevating your level—can it be called true cultivation practice.” (“What is Cultivation Practice?” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

Recently, I have come to a further understanding of cultivation. I think true cultivation practice includes very broad aspects, including our looking inside when difficulties occur to cultivate our minds, studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts, telling the truth, promoting the Fa, attending Fa conferences, joining group Fa study, improving our enlightenment quality, and being able to suffer hardships. It also includes examining whether our every thought and deed are based on the Fa in our daily life, work, study, and so on.

I have realized that I have not done well in many aspects of true cultivation. I still have a lot of ordinary people's thoughts, even about things that I know are not good. I still cannot let go of the attachments. I have a bad temper, and, as of now, I still cannot change it. I think if one wants to meet the standards of cultivation during the Fa rectification period, he must follow the Fa strictly in all respects, and he should not simply deal with cultivation issues and try to get away with attachments. We must follow the Fa principles that Master taught us. And we should not in anyway cut corners in our cultivation practice and make excuses to get by.

Master clearly told us, “The only path that lies before you, the disciples of Dafa, is one of real cultivation. There is no other path.” (“What is a Dafa Disciple”)

I think that, in the process of genuine cultivation practice, we must examine ourselves from every angle about whether we have met Master's requirements or whether we have achieved the requirements of the Fa at our level. This also includes examining each and every thought to see whether it is ordinary or if it meets the requirements of the Fa. When doing Dafa work, we must examine our minds to determine whether we are doing the work out of self interest or for the benefit of others. Only by following high standards when doing Dafa work can we fulfill our historic mission of assisting Master in Fa rectification, saving lives, and validating Dafa.

The above is my personal understanding. Please point out any mistakes.