(Clearwisdom.net) On October 23, Falun Gong practitioners from Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota and Kentucky attended the Mid-USA Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference held in Chicago.

The conference hall

This year, 17 practitioners presented their experience-sharing papers at the annual mid-USA conference.

Ms. Shang from Indiana shared her experiences of promoting Shen Yun and making phone calls to China. She said: “When I sell Shen Yun tickets, I feel that I am spreading divine messages, and spreading hope for the people. I tried to put down all the human notions and purify myself.” She also makes phone calls to China, convincing Chinese people to quit the communist party. Many people were touched by her spirit and compassion. They quit the party and thanked her.

Ms. Mao from Missouri shared her understanding of the Fa. She said: “In the course of cultivation, we often have to make decisions on whether to follow Master. In my cultivation, I have always put the Fa and cultivation at the highest priority. At every test and every tribulation, we face a choice. Every time, it seems that we chose the Fa, but actually it is Master choosing us. We are the luckiest beings in the universe.”

Ms. Liu from South Dakota obtained the Fa two years ago. She makes phone calls to China. She said: “During this process, I see the power of the Fa and practitioners' righteous thoughts. My understanding of the Fa improves, and my righteous thoughts are getting stronger. However, there was a period during which I felt that I was not improving, and could not make progress in what I did. So, I thought about joining a different truth-clarifying project. My fellow practitioners talked to me, and helped me to find my attachments—I wanted to validate myself and I didn't have a strong will to save people. So I realized that making phone calls is my predetermined task. I should be persistent.”

Mr. Huang from Illinois just moved to a new place. There are no other practitioners living in that city. Mr. Huang held some activities by himself, such as participating in community events, teaching the exercises, and delivering Epoch Times newspapers. Mr. Huang said: “I realized that we just need to step out and do the three things, and Master has already made the arrangements for us.”

Ms. Tu from Missouri shared her understanding of doing three things. She said: “It seems that what we do every day are not very different than what everyday people do. But actually, everything that we do contains components of cultivation. If we don't improve ourselves when doing the three things, then the things we do become everyday affairs.” She shared about how she pays attentions to the details of what she does every day, and tries not to miss any chance to improve her xinxing.

The conference concluded at 5 p.m. after sending forth righteous thoughts.