(Clearwisdom.net) The web version of Master Li Hongzhi's new book, Hong Yin (3), has been published today on the Falun Dafa website in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese formats. This book is a compilation of Master Li Hongzhi’s 52 poems and 72 song lyrics written between February 2004 and May 2011, and it features illustrations drawn personally by Master Li Hongzhi. The Simplified and Traditional Chinese print formats of Hong Yin (3) have also been published in Taiwan.

To this day, a total of 39 books written by Master Li Hongzhi have been published on the Falun Dafa website, and all are available for free download. The newly published Hong Yin (3) is available on the following web pages:

Simplified Chinese Format: http://www.falundafa.org/book/chigb.htm

Traditional Chinese Format: http://falundafa.org/book/chibig5.htm

Minghui Editors

October 15, 2011