I would never tell Dafa disciples to do anything of this sort. This is the product of self-made demons.

Li Hongzhi

September 8, 2010

(Clearwisdom.net) The last time I was back in Taiwan, some fellow practitioners told me that some practitioners in Taiwan were planning to talk to others about some nonsense of unclear origin.

In order to convince other practitioners of their credibility, one such person, A, said that they could see other people's positions up in the heavens. They claimed that those people [they were trying to convince] came from very high places, that each had arrangements from the old forces, and each controlled disasters such as the flooding of rivers, lakes, seas, as well as the wind, rain, etc. They said that everyone must kneel in front of Master's image and repent, for only in that way could they call forth memories from the past and give up control over their respective domains. Only then would the sentient beings in their paradises be saved, and other such nonsense.

B, who was working with A to mislead practitioners, said that everything they did was approved by Master, and that if we didn't believe them, we could cast trigram sticks while kneeling in front of Master's image.

In addition, they had a five-year-old child talk about how Master had told her what to do, and about how Master had played with her in the heavens and taught her how to cultivate, among other things. That same girl told her parents that Master had told her in the heavens about how her entire family was to see Master on a certain date in New York.

Right now several practitioners have gone along with this and believed in them, because B had told them that doing so would inject one's subordinate consciousness into one's body (my guess is that it may instead be spirit possession), and that way supposedly one's body would not have any gaps. It would make one immune to interference, call forth memories from the past, enable one to see and hear Master's instructions, and so on.

Some of the practitioners that were asked to do these things found the requests increasingly unreasonable and departing from the Fa, so they invited some fellow practitioners to their homes for experience sharing, along with some of the students who had done the rites that were undermining the Fa. We studied Lecture Six of Zhuan Falun, and after doing so, we asked them not to believe anything told to them by beings in other dimensions and not to take part in rites that Master did not permit. However, they no longer wanted to hear experience sharing from us after that point.

Some among them said to us, "You are being too harsh, can it be wrong for us to kneel in front of Master's image?" Other fellow practitioners told us, "You will see who is right or wrong later on." They feel that they are already cultivating at a higher level.

They will also take a certain passage from Zhuan Falun out of context to try to validate their position.

Master has admonished us repeatedly in many lectures that we must take the Fa as our teacher. On May 23, 1999 at the Canada Fa Conference, Master taught us,

"I have told everyone clearly in Zhuan Falun and Hong Yin that, 'Supernatural abilities are nothing but petty means.' They are byproducts formed during cultivation. You should never treat them as your goal for practicing cultivation. If you do, you will never ever achieve Consummation." (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Canada)

The point of this article is not to level criticism; it's just that since we have all been fellow practitioners for so long, it would be a shame to let those practitioners fall behind. I also wanted to remind everyone not to fall for it. If I have erred in some way, I humbly ask to be compassionately corrected.

By a Dafa disciple in Taiwan