(Clearwisdom.net) June 1, 2010 is Children's Day in China, where children are able to enjoy the festivities with their parents and teachers. However, this year marks the eleventh year of the senseless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party, and many innocent children continue to suffer as their families have been torn apart.

Six-year-old Jiajia witnessed police brutality against her family

In May 2008, Zhang Heping, head of the 610 Office in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, said to Mr. Liao Songlin and Mr. Liao Zhijun, who are father and son, "We want to completely destroy your family." Officials ransacked their home and confiscated their personal belongings. Jiajia, 6, was standing there petrified and clinging to her mother. Jiajia didn't dare say anything, and was illegally arrested by officers from the State Security Bureau. She witnessed the officers' brutality towards her parents and grandparents. This left her with severe psychological damage. Jiajia and her grandmother were released at midnight, and were to be taken home in a police car. She told her grandmother that she'd rather walk. As Jiajia was still shaking with fear, her grandmother had to lift her into the car. She was left traumatized by the whole experience.

Xiaolianhua could not enter her home after school

In April 2009, Liao Xiaohong and Shi Jiaoyu, a couple from Chenzhou, were arrested by local police officers. Their home was ransacked and their personal belongings were confiscated. When their daughter Xiaolianhua returned home from school, she could not enter the house and was left standing outside the door. By nightfall she was crying, as she was alone without any help.

Throughout her childhood, Xiaolianhua's parents have been arrested and persecuted on different occasions. She has lived in fear all these years.

The cries of a nine-year-old

Mr. Xiao Si was arrested and taken to Duyun Prison in Guizhou. His wife, Ms. Lou Qiaohong, was persecuted to death at the age of 28.

Xixi, 9, wanted to ask, "What crimes did my parents commit? Please help us kind-hearted people."

Young Ms. Lei and her brother don't remember what their parents look like

Mr. Lei Jingxiong was a kind and talented man. He was beaten, tortured and left disfigured because he refused to give up his belief in Falun Dafa. He was almost burned to death, and is currently being held in Duyun Prison in Guizhou. In order to support their children, his wife works out of town and away from home.

The couple's daughter is four years old and their son is less than two, but they don't remember what their parents look like.

A child cries for his mother

Ms. Guo Boqin was an employee of the Chenzhou Chemical Group. After several years of torture and brainwashing, she was finally released. However, she was arrested again in 2007. Her child witnessed her mother being forced into a police car, and was holding on to the police car crying, "Mom, I want my mom."

Jiang Yonghui, a police officer from Beihu District, shouted at the child, then pushed the child aside and drove off.