(Clearwisdom.net) The world-acclaimed Shen Yun Performing Arts received a warm and enthusiastic welcome at The Providence Performing Arts Center in Providence, Rhode Island on June 26-27, 2010.

Environmental Engineer Kamal Waigi and his wife Pivul.

Attending the show were Kamal Waigi, an environmental engineer, and his wife Pivul.

Having traveled the world, the couple said that they were able to appreciate the depth and sheer scope of the show.

Mr. Waigi, who already has a good grasp of Chinese culture, said that watching Shen Yun was a good way to "learn more about China, their background, and Chinese culture."

Mrs. Waigi was especially impressed by the beautiful costumes, saying that the artists looked like "flowers" or "angels."

Mr. and Mrs. Waigi said that they would definitely recommend the show to their friends.

"I Would Come Back in a Heartbeat!"

Judy with husband Lionel, a retired High School assistant principal, at Saturday night's Shen Yun performance.

Also in the audience were Lionel, a retired high school assistant principal, and his wife, Judy Archambault, a retired OBGYN nurse practitioner. The couple have two granddaughters who were adopted from China.

Judy was awed by the show, saying, "It's beautiful. I love the way they dance, the way they sing."

Lionel added, "Our oldest granddaughter is taking lessons, this type of dance lessons. She's also doing gymnastics and she's only six."

Judy described Shen Yun as "a vision, with all the silks and the dancing ... it's just great. I love it; I would come back in a heartbeat!"

Lionel agreed, "It's a very relaxing display of talent. It's nice to see young men and the young women who are really able to dance."

"It Was Fantastic, Absolutely Fantastic!"

Christie Valverde, a US Postal Service manager, received a ticket to the Shen Yun performance from her girlfriend.

"She said, 'Do you want to go?' I said, 'Yeah, sounds like a great thing,'" Christie said.

"I thought it was fantastic, absolutely fantastic!" enthused Christie.

She especially appreciated the two dance sets portraying the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in contemporary China, saying, "I loved the ... message that is coming through to people in the United States where people might not really know what's going on in China.

"I love that through expression, through the theatrical expression, they could get a message across."

Referring to soprano, Geng Haolan, who received an encore for her performance of Reaching the Other Shore, she said, "I love the singing ... she was great!"

"It Was Very Beautiful" 

Also in the audience was Beverly Connor, a social worker.

As soon as she saw the beautiful imagery displayed in the Shen Yun ads, she knew that she wanted to go to the show. "It was something I wanted to see," she said.

She enjoyed how each dance set "tied into ... Chinese culture and history. It was very beautiful."

Ms. Connor said that the show had taught her more about Chinese traditions and "about their dance and their beliefs and all of that, and how that ties into their culture."

She said that she would recommend the show to others, adding, "It was something very beautiful!"