(Clearwisdom.net) Since I started cultivation, my character has gradually changed. I was selfish before, but now I honor the title of Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Practitioner - one who has more concern for others than for himself.

In 1997, seemingly by accident, I bought a copy of Zhuan Falun. Within a short period of practicing cultivation, I experienced dramatic changes within myself. I used to be someone that was always out wining and dining, seeking prostitutes and gambling. I also had a very bad temper. But now I have let go of all these vices, and the bad temper too, to become very kind. Those who knew me before have all commented on the changes they have seen in me.

In my early years of studying the Fa I had a lot of selfish thoughts and everything I did was for my own selfish needs. I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises diligently only for the purpose of my consummation, and while I was out validating the Fa, my thoughts were not pure and clean. I studied the Fa because I was afraid that if I did not, I might not reach consummation. In 1999, during the early stages of the persecution, I only went to Beijing to validate the Fa because I was afraid that if I did not go, I might lose the opportunity to reach consummation.

It was not until the publication of Teacher's lecture, "Touring North America to Teach the Fa," that I realized my historic mission and the responsibility practitioners have. I also understand why Teacher asks us to do the three things. From that point on, I relinquished my notions of selfishness and did the three things, not just for me, but for sentient beings.

When I used to send forth righteous thoughts, I would ask for protection, and had notions of hatred towards the police and officials that persecute us, hoping that they would receive karmic retribution. How could such thoughts generate righteous power? When I send forth righteous thoughts now, I maintain a heart of benevolence and kindness, and my mind is focused on disintegrating the old force elements and the few orchestrators of the persecution that are beyond saving. All other sentient beings, including the persecutors and police officers, are lives that the righteous Fa wants to save, so I should increase my tolerance and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the elements that control these people. The environment has dramatically changed, and a number of people who took part in the persecution have awakened, quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, and are now quietly protecting practitioners.

In the past, when I was out telling people the facts about Falun Gong, my mentality was, "If I am persecuted, then I will reason with them." However, most of the time, this approach would end in disarray, but through Fa study I realized that my only thought should be on saving sentient beings. When printing truth clarification materials, I send forth righteous thoughts towards the printer saying, "You must do a good job." As a result the printed materials are always elegant and beautiful.

When the persecution began, several practitioners who did not have righteous thoughts were persecuted in forced labor camps and stopped practicing. A number of practitioners who understood the Fa principles later went to talk with them. As a result, many practitioners who had been persecuted soon returned to a righteous path of cultivation. However, one was severely affected by the lies and propaganda, and many others were afraid to contact her, fearing that they might be affected themselves. Therefore, they chose not to contact her. I thought that as we are all the most righteous practitioners, how could our righteous thoughts be affected by anything or anyone? So, I went to her home. As we talked, her mind became much clearer and her attitude towards Dafa began to change. Other practitioners continued to help her, and now she does the three things very well. We need to take responsibility for other practitioners that have strayed from Dafa. Teacher has not abandoned them, so why should we? Many of these practitioners have done very well in the past, and only changed because of the persecution.

More and more Fa study groups have been set up, and many practitioners have helped those who have not stepped forward to validate the Fa come and attend. Practitioners that attend Fa study usually manage to do the three things well, and are not affected by the CCP's propaganda. However, practitioners who make excuses not to attend Fa study tend to have a poorer cultivation state, and suffer more tribulations and sickness karma. This is a result of failing to walk on the path arranged by Teacher. When sharing with practitioners from other parts of the country, we also found this to be the case for practitioners abroad. Areas where practitioners have good Fa study groups seem to have established an excellent environment and have done well in saving sentient beings. In an environment where there is righteous field formed by a diligent one body, it is rare to hear of practitioners being persecuted. In areas where Fa study groups are not so diligent, however, practitioners don't speak so freely or study the Fa and do the exercises together, and tend to be persecuted more frequently.

Practitioners need to eliminate the separation among us and form one-body. They should join the Fa study group and do the exercises together. This is also very important for validating the Fa well.