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May 24

Ms. Wang Hulin was arrested again when she was on medical parole. Due to the mistreatment by the police, Ms. Wang was so weak that she lost consciousness in the court.

May 25

Ms. Zhang Zhenmin was sent to a brainwashing center directly from the prison, because authorities assumed she was not "completely transformed" during eight years imprisonment.

May 26

Police respond to reports that Qu Jianguo recovered from cancer by practicing Falun Gong by attempting to force him to deny the story.
Despite his critical condition, Mr. Song had been denied both adequate treatment or release.

May 27

Mr. Tian Yun is reported to have died after torture, while detained in the Zhengzhou Prison in Xinmi City, Henan Province.

May 29

Mr. Xu was released after 15 days in Beitai Detention Center, but his family found him blurred of mind and unable to take care of himself. He was a completely different person compared with 15 days before. His wife later took his laboratory paperwork to a hospital in another city where doctors definitively diagnosed that Mr. Xu was suffering from drug poisoning. and its Chinese-language sister-website ( provide first-hand reports about the horrors of the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Dozens of reports are received every day from the victims of torture, the wrongfully imprisoned, and families crippled by the senseless hardship and grief for their loved ones imposed by the persecution. In contrast, the websites also report positive news and events from the more than 80 countries around the world where Falun Gong is practiced, and serve as an online forum for practitioners to share stories of the good things Falun Gong has brought to their lives. For more information, please contact