(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa disciples have resisted the persecution for eleven years now. As time has gone on and the environment has become less severe, some students' human mindsets have gotten out of control without their knowing it, thereby allowing the Chinese Communist Party's agents to repeatedly exploit their gaps and sabotage the environment in which Dafa disciples validate the Fa and clarify the facts. Things like collecting funds, false scriptures, wicked web sites, among others, were all the doing of such agents or were controlled by them behind the scenes. No students in mainland China or abroad should believe in such things, much less go along with them.

Even though right now this is the period of Fa-rectification cultivation, whether it's in mainland China or abroad, no project may collect funds. Projects being run from outside China of course would not collect funds from inside mainland China. Master has set forth clear rules on this matter. Master has also never authorized anyone to collect funds.

Those students who, under the influence of CCP agents, have collected funds, passed around false scriptures, or read wicked websites are heavily weighed down by human attachments and have cultivated poorly. Those agents are not just doing things in the name of overseas Dafa disciples' Fa-validation projects, but also in the name of Master and Master's family members, deceiving students into doing bad things. Cultivators should all know that going against one's own Master is the worst kind of act, yet under the CCP agents' influence, some students have done bad things in Master's name, committing that very act of going directly against one's own Master. That is extremely dangerous. Even though Fa-rectification has yet to be concluded and there are still chances to make up for losses, such chances will not be there forever. We hope those students this applies to will immediately wake up and be rational, put their minds on solidly doing the three things well, and become dignified, qualified Dafa disciples.

May 7, 2010