(Clearwisdom.net) Because the water was cut off on October 28, 2009, Ms. Gao Yuxiang went out to fetch water. Her mother was alone at home when a group of police officers started shouting and kicking on the door from outside. Her mother was so frightened that she did not open the door. After a while it got quiet outside. The police had staked themselves out near Ms. Gao's home, and when she returned, they rushed up to her, took her key and opened the door to her home. They shoved Ms. Gao to the floor. Ms. Gao's mother tightly grasped her daughter's hands, but the police dragged her away. Ms. Gao's mother was so petrified that she was trembling as she knelt down to plead with the police to release her daughter. Li Shubo, from the Lianhua Township Police Station, shoved Ms. Gao's mother hard, and she collapsed on the floor. They then dragged her downstairs. The police ransacked the home, and confiscated two laptop computers, a color printer, a laser printer, two cell phones, cash, and other items. They took Ms. Gao and her mother to the Lianhua Police Station. Li Shubo and another officer violently beat Ms. Gao until she passed out. They splashed cold water on her to wake her up.

Ms. Gao's mother was sent home that same night. She didn't eat for that entire day, nor did she sleep. Her heart and stomach problems recurred, and she was hospitalized. In the hospital, she could not stop worrying about her daughter. She died on November 8, 2009.

Li Shubo and another evildoers continued beating Ms. Gao in the police station. She fainted for the second time and was awakened by cold water being poured on her. The police proceeded to interrogate her.

Officer Li Shubo used coercion, intimidation, and violence when arresting Ms. Gao, causing the recurrence of her mother's illnesses and her death within ten short days.

Written on March 2, 2010