(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings to honorable Master and fellow practitioners!

I am a teacher and in the past few years, I have focused mainly on clarifying the truth to those I came into contact with, as well as colleagues and students in school. I am going to share some of the ways I used to clarify the facts and encourage my colleagues and students to renounce the Communist Party since 2005. Please kindly correct me if I have said anything inappropriate.

1. Improving in Cultivation and Constantly Opening up New Environments for Clarifying the Truth

Master taught us in the Fa that every person that we meet in our daily lives are predestined people we should save. Before 2005, because I had successfully clarified the truth to teachers and students, I said to a fellow practitioner, "I wish we could go and teach in a few different schools, that way we could save even more sentient beings." Master fulfilled my wish. In the following six years I was assigned to three different schools. Each time I would create a new environment for clarifying the truth. I was looked after by our compassionate Master and things went smoothly for me. In order to create a good environment, one must first cultivate well. From my youth I excelled in my studies, but because I was always sick, I ended up going to university under a strange combination of circumstances and studying for a profession that I disliked the most. I was subsequently sent to teach in a village. After starting to practice Falun Dafa, I let go of many human attachments and no longer complained about my misfortunes in life. I understood from the Fa that everything one encounters in life is predestined.

We are now in the Fa-rectification period, yet I have discovered that I am still holding onto many human attachments. Any attachment is an impediment to our elevation. It will also interfere with our mission to save sentient beings. When I enlightened to this principle, I found it easier to let go of my attachments.

Every time I was assigned to a new school, I would be recognized for being the best teacher, bringing honor to the school. I knew this was not due to my efforts as an individual, but a manifestation of the dignity and magnificence of Dafa. Every principal trusted me and each one knew that I was clarifying the truth to teachers and students and encouraging them to withdraw from the CCP. They could have made things difficult for me, but, on the contrary, they thought of ways to reward my efforts. For example, one principal decided to give me the school's only award for excellence. However, another female teacher asked me to give that award to her. Without hesitation I gave it to her. In the end, they decided to give me another award. Everyone in the education department knew that I practiced Falun Gong.

Nowadays, the students in school not only dislike studying, their moral standards are also deteriorating. Sometimes my heart was moved and I deeply resented my students. I even resorted to using harsh methods to punish them for their inappropriate behavior. I looked within myself and realized that this kind of thinking comes from being brought up in the Party culture. When I got rid of these bad thoughts, I realized that the situation was not as bad as I thought, especially when I saw the side of them that yearns to understand the truth about Dafa. My understanding is that all sentient beings came here for the Fa.

2. Clarifying the Truth to Teachers and Persuading Them to Quit the CCP

In order to clarify the truth to students, I had to first make sure the teachers understood the truth about Dafa. I spoke about Dafa to the teachers while they were gathered in public areas because, first, I wouldn't have the time to talk to them individually; second, I felt that there was nothing to hide about cultivating; and third, I hoped this would make them less timid about listening to the truth. If they understood the truth, the teachers could also help to spread it. Lastly, through openly discussing any misunderstandings or reservations they had, they gained a better understanding of what Dafa is. This would help when they heard me clarifying the truth to their students or heard students saying "Falun Dafa is good."

Each time I went to a new school, I made sure I studied the Fa well and sent righteous thoughts to clear the field. I also took some time to get to know the teachers, find out about their interests, and discover any possible misunderstandings they had about Dafa. Generally, a month after I started working in a new school, I could start to clarify the truth. If you have a sincere heart to save people, Master will give you the wisdom to do it. Another thing I found useful was studying the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Disintegrating the Party Culture. This enabled me to use facts and figures to support my points, and it was easier for the teachers to accept the truth. From my experience, it is also quite important to clarify the truth from a legal perspective. Because so many Chinese people have been poisoned by the media's slander at the beginning of the persecution, I also found it important to explain how the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident was staged by the regime.

I also urged people to renounce their Party membership in public places. In front of many people, I would say, half jokingly, "Look, the gods in heaven are watching over you. You have nothing to lose by quitting your Party membership in your hearts. Besides, it will protect your future." Many of them (including top Party officials) would agree.

To avoid putting pressure on my superiors, I never gave out brochures openly in school. I preferred to give them information or software to break through the Internet blockade individually or while helping them to quit the Party. Many times, somebody would come to me and ask for information on their own. They also wished to protect me. I sent letters to those whom I did not have the opportunity to come into contact with, telling them the facts about Dafa. Many teachers not only quit the Party, they also clarified the truth to their students. Some students wrote, "Falun Dafa is good"on the walls outside their classrooms and the teachers never interfered. Some classes that I didn't teach even invited me to tell them the facts about Dafa.

3. Clarifying the Truth to Students and Persuading Them to Quit the Communist Party

For several years, nearly every teacher and student whom I clarified the truth to supported Falun Gong. If I did not talk about Dafa for a week, my students would ask me to do so. Every time I spoke about Falun Gong, I interspersed it with the content of my curriculum. I only spoke about one or two topics each time. Thus, as the semester progressed and they studied the materials, the students would have heard the facts systematically. When I needed to explain and analyze certain issues, I got the students to first do some research themselves.

I used different methods at different schools to ensure that the students would have access to truth clarification materials. At one school, I left some materials in their dormitories or in places where teachers and students often passed by. At other schools, I placed beautifully packaged materials in areas where the students had to go by. After picking up the materials, the students often passed them on to others and hence the truth spread far and wide.

When I told them the facts about Dafa, I would encourage the students to spread the truth to their family or to those around them. Some students helped their family members quit the CCP. Others showed their support by writing "Falun Dafa is good" on the walls outside their classrooms. One year later, these words are still on the wall. Other students greeted me with "Falun Dafa is good." Some of my classes stood up and greeted me with "Falun Dafa is good" instead of "Good morning, Teacher." I find that when people understand the truth, it is not difficult to persuade them to renounce their Party memberships. I generally get the whole class to quit the Party all at once to avoid leaving anybody out. There are two methods I use. One is to explain the significance of quitting the Party. Then I ask them to write either their real names or a pen name on a piece of paper and give them to me. Another method I used was to ask clearly if they wanted to withdraw from the Communist Party. If everyone agreed, I then asked them to heshi and repeat the sentence: "Buddhas and Gods in Heaven, I wish to quit the Communist Party to safeguard my future." Lastly, everyone would say their names. Nearly everyone in the six groups of students I taught have renounced their Party memberships.

4. Harmonizing One Body and Clarifying the Truth Systematically

As I made improvements in my cultivation, I understood the importance of elevating together as one body. I will list three examples.

Compared to other areas, the place I lived in had more practitioners who taught as a profession. Everyone felt pressured when we started to ask people to withdraw from the Communist Party in 2005. One practitioner broke through the barrier and got the entire class to quit the Party. Soon after, I too had a breakthrough. By sharing experiences and gaining confidence, other practitioners in my area also got their students to renounce the Party in a short period of time.

The supplementary curriculum for third year students cited the example of Master turning a piece of aluminum into gold and silver in a qigong experiment, and used this to tarnish the reputation of Master and Dafa. I explained to my students how this could happen from a scientific perspective. I also wrote a letter to the officials who drafted the curriculum and introduced them to the beauty of Dafa. In the letter, I wrote about the brutal persecution suffered by Dafa disciples. I maintained the righteous thought that they would remove this in the next publication. However, I realized that this was not good enough. Many teachers and students in different cities were being poisoned by the distorted facts in the curriculum, so I wrote a letter to the teachers and several students to clarify the truth. This year, when the new curriculum was published, I noticed that except for the topic on Dafa, which was removed, all other topics were unchanged. Tears of gratitude sprang from my eyes, and I clasped my hands in heshi, thanking Master in my heart.

For many years, information distorting the truth about Dafa was included in the teaching curriculum, poisoning the minds of students. Every year, we clarified the truth to political science teachers, writing letters to them. When they understood the truth, these teachers avoided using the parts of the teaching materials that defamed Dafa. A few even publicly admitted that Falun Gong was righteous. However, the curriculum was written by a team of officers in the education department. I had no means of getting the contact information for these officers who participated in drafting the curriculum.

One day, I found the list of those who were involved in writing the junior high school curriculum for political science in our province as well as their contact information. Along with another practitioner, we wrote letters to them clarifying the truth.

I clearly felt Master helping me during the entire process. He constantly gives me wisdom. Although I have had some breakthroughs in this area, it is just the beginning and I will persist in this project. I hope that more practitioners will take part in this project and together we can stop the persecution from being spread in the education system.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!