(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Yang Chunling is detained at Liaoning Province Women's Prison for practicing Falun Gong. On October 26, 2010, her 72-year-old father, who was very weak, decided to visit her. Upon his arrival, the authorities would not let him visit her because she refused to wear the name card "Criminal" on her chest.

The prison authorities also didn't allow her father to send her money. He repeatedly begged the prison officers, and finally, they agreed to send the money to a captain on her team. He was so worried about her that he spent the night in Shenyang City. The following day, he went back to the prison and tried to see her again.

In December 2006, Ms. Yang Chunling was arrested and taken to prison. She had an existing fracture in her arm that was beginning to heal. During beatings, the guards broke her arm again. She was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with a bone fracture. The prison officials coerced the other inmates to provide false testimony and deny beating her to avoid responsibility.

On a monthly basis, her father would give money to the prison for her to use. She never received it. Instead, the prison authorities stole the money and claimed it was an "installment for her medical expenses".

Ms. Yang Chunling's persecution was reported on the Minghui site. The prison officials questioned her father, "How did Minghui learn about her so quickly?" He would not speak to anybody about her. If someone asked, he'd reply with a sigh, "Our family is broken!" Her father lived in fear because of the persecution. The prison authorities continued to pressure and coerce him to pressure his daughter during his visits.

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