(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings Master! Greetings fellow practitioners! I am a new practitioner, and have practiced Falun Dafa for only 17 months. When the Minghui website solicited articles for the Internet Experience Sharing Conference last year, I had only cultivated for three months, and felt I had not had enough experience to write an article. This year, many fellow practitioners encouraged me to share my cultivation experience to help others and make improvements myself in the process. Also this process would allow Dafa practitioners to come together as one body to fulfill our responsibility of assisting Teacher's Fa-rectification.

Setting up a family material site

In early March this year, I set up a truth clarification material site at home. It takes a lot of effort and time for each and every project or event. I would always rush to complete my own regular work first, then I would be able to spend more time designing and producing materials.

For school classrooms, I designed different kinds of tape in various colors, shapes, and sizes. I put them in envelopes and taped them in areas where they could easily be seen by students, but not by sanitation workers. My thinking was that with righteous thoughts, these envelopes might save people.

I spent about four months on this project. During that time, a few miraculous things happened. On one occasion, I distributed truth clarification materials at a college campus I was familiar with. I arrived about lunchtime, but had not had anything to eat myself. Being a little nervous when I got to the second floor of the first building, my heart started pounding, I was short of breath and my legs were wobbly. But I kept climbing, disregarding the symptoms, and when I reached the third floor, my vision became blurred and I felt like I was going to faint, not able to stand. At this moment, I asked Teacher for help, "Teacher, please help me. I have got to finish delivering the materials!"

I continued climbing the stairs with all my remaining effort. Something remarkable happened when I reached the 4th floor. Not only did I not feel tired, hungry, or thirsty, but I also felt rejuvenated, full of energy, and alert. At that very moment, I had the feeling that Teacher was by my side, protecting and strengthening me. Immediately, my field was full of righteous elements, and my nervousness was all gone. My heart was full of gratitude to Teacher and the feeling of a mission to save sentient beings.

On another occasion,when I distributed materials in the self-study room in the college, there was always a person sitting in the back row, rendering it inconvenient to deliver materials throughout the room. So, I thought, "It would be so much better if he were not there, I'd leave him a book too." At this moment, he got up and left the room, and didn't come back until I had gotten everything done in the room. This kind of situation happened three or four times a day, and every time it happened, it caused me to be more thankful for Teacher's protection, and in return I wanted to do everything I was capable of to save more people, because Teacher knew that I haven't been able to clarify the truth face to face. Thinking about this, I always begin to cry. In order to repay Teacher for his great compassion, I will try to do more and more.

In July 2010, I joined the project of using cell phones for making truth clarification calls. On the calls, I had to confront various kinds of people with different responses. In the process, while realizing the difficulty of saving people, I have been cultivating away my human notions, enabling me to have a deeper understanding of doing the three things well. For instance, if I called a number many times, the other side always hung up. I would look inward to see if my thoughts weren't pure, generating insufficient energy, or my energy field was short of penetrating power. If my call was not answered after trying many times or my call was answered but the answerer was too busy to listen, I would look inward to see if I still had the attachment of impatience. If my call was answered but the other side appeared to be upset, I would, with righteous thoughts, strengthen his main consciousness to eliminate evil elements that bothered him, transmitting my thoughts, "This is very important to you! You've got to hear this out!"

Once when I came across a person who was willing to accept my truth-clarification, I strengthened his main consciousness to maintain this steady condition. Another time, when a listener finished one recording, I was able to follow with another recording without interruption until I reminded the other party, "Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, and quitting the three organizations of the CCP will protect your life."

Making truth-clarification phone calls helps focus and strengthen sending forth righteous thoughts, as well as improve main speaking point, enabling instant feedback. Therefore, I have been lengthening the time and frequency of sending forth righteous thoughts, and now I have a more focused and purer mind.

Since I have become a Dafa practitioner, I have experienced great fulfillment, but have had challenges balancing my personal cultivation and assisting projects to meet the demands as pressure grows. Time has seemed to fly by so fast, that hours and days feel like minutes to me! Having had lots of tribulations, under Teacher's protection and with hints I have come through rather smoothly. Of course I still have to cultivate away many human notions and bad things. I don't feel lonesome or have insufficient energy as long as my mind is on the Fa. I hope that all of us will not miss this opportunity, or waste our limited time to assist Teacher in Fa-rectification, break through barriers to save more people, and follow Teacher home.