(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, revered Master! Greetings, practitioners!

I am a Dafa disciple who works on the technology side of truth-clarification material production sites. Looking back on my cultivation path, I have so much gratitude to Master and so many reflections. Here, I will just share my recent cultivation experiences in teaching practitioners the technology of setting up a materials production site.

1. Fulfilling My Mission

In order to make small material production sites flourish on a large scale, the coordinator practitioner arranged for me to teach practitioners the technology one by one and help them set up a material production center.

One day I came to the house of a practitioner couple, bringing all of my equipment. They were very busy at that time, so I just stayed there. That way I could produce truth-clarification materials while teaching them the technology when they had time. I realized it was important for me to look inward and adjust my cultivation state and cooperate with practitioners to improve together.

The female practitioner never went to school and is illiterate and the male practitioner only went to middle school. To prevent them from having any fear of using the equipment, I first taught them how to use the mouse. I also demonstrated to the male practitioner the procedure each step of the way. I first taught him to browse the Internet until he felt confident using it. Later, I showed him several times step by step how to download materials from the Internet.

2. Cultivate and Improve Together with Practitioners While Teaching Them the Technology

After one week, the practitioner couple's daughter came back, so the coordinator arranged for me to go to another place and return to their home later. That night, I arrived at a peasant practitioner couple's house with my equipment. Along with the peasant couple, a third practitioner was also there to learn the technology. The third practitioner had to do farm work all day, so he could only come during the evening to learn.

This farming couple gets up very early in the morning and works all day in the field, and they also have to find time to study the Fa. Seeing the many challenges they face, I reminded myself to put my attachment to self aside and be considerate of them from their perspectives. I should arrange the time according to their work schedule and cooperate well with them.

They worked so hard that sometimes they didn't even have time to have meals. The third practitioner came every night around 9:00 p.m. to learn the technology. But I didn't want him to stay up too late, so I asked him to go home after 10:30. Two days later, as soon as the third practitioner came in, he said: "Can I make a suggestion? I will go back after we send forth righteous thoughts together at midnight." I was touched and let him stay until midnight.

Despite the hard conditions in the countryside and their heavy work load, the practitioners were very determined and did not allow anything to interfere with their learning the technology. I was so touched by their pure hearts and wish to save people and I was also encouraged to be more diligent. They went out to do the farm work before 5 o'clock every morning, and I got up to do the exercises. In the evening, we went to bed after we sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight. Whenever the couple had time, I taught them the technology.

The female practitioner was very determined to learn. She said: "It would be so great if I knew how to make the materials. Then, whenever I need some, I can make them myself, instead of waiting for you to deliver them to me."

I patiently taught her and went over each step with her to make it easier for her to remember. Sometimes it took me quite a long time to thoroughly explain one single step to her, but I always taught her with patience. The process of teaching practitioners about computers is also an opportunity for me to improve my xinxing.

One time the female practitioner was practicing how to print the materials. She asked me about one step and when I was about to tell her, she had already clicked something on the screen, and the step she took was even easier than the one I was going to show her. Many of the miracles we encounter depend on how much righteous thoughts we have and how much attention we pay to the things we are doing. As long as we have a pure heart, Master will help us.

During the busiest part of the farm season, the practitioners learned how to search the Internet and download materials within a month. Even the female practitioner could print the materials all by herself. I not only gained more experience in teaching the technology, but my xinxing also improved a lot. At the beginning, I was praised by the practitioners very often, and by looking inward, I found my hidden mentality of showing off. Later, as soon as I found myself beginning to show off my expertise, I eliminated the mentality immediately.

Master said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York":

"...because you are altruistic beings created by Dafa that have roles in Fa-rectification and that have truly enlightened. If I didn't do that, with the end of history all lives would end. When a being is considerate of others in doing things and displays tolerance in the process, it's because his starting point is selfless."

I often remind myself to be selfless and altruistic and cooperate with fellow practitioners unconditionally.

In order to protect the environment from interference and teach the technology to fellow practitioners, I began to more frequently send forth righteous thoughts every day to eliminate all the evil and not to give it any chance to interfere with us. For many years, whenever we encountered interference with the material production site, we always disintegrated it by sending forth righteous thoughts.

For example, once a practitioner who worked on producing materials was arrested, and I was the only person who was aware of this. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts for a long time every hour continuously for a day and night. If I felt tired, I lay down to rest or studied the Fa for a while, then I continued sending forth righteous thoughts. Once, I fell asleep, and I heard someone calling my name and the voice sounded like the practitioner who had been arrested. I realized that Master was giving me a hint that the practitioner needed me to support him at that crucial moment with righteous thoughts. So I got up immediately to send forth righteous thoughts. Strengthened by Master, my mind was very clear and my righteous thoughts were very strong. The next day, the practitioner came back, and he told me that except for clarifying the truth, he was also sending forth righteous thoughts the entire time.

When I was with the peasant practitioner couple, in order to protect the good environment, I tried my best to send forth righteous thoughts every hour, and we never experienced any interference.

Sometimes when we did the exercises together, the practitioners connected the mp3 player to a speaker and our exercise music could be heard for some distance. At first, I told the practitioners to be careful and I turned down the volume very low. Later I learned that most of the villagers there understood the truth of Dafa and the practitioners could even study the Fa and do the exercises in public.

While working in the material production site, I often asked myself: If I were a practitioner who had to support myself by doing farm work every day, could I remain diligent and persist in doing the three things well despite all the physical hardships?

During that period, all the attachments of pursuing comfort didn't have a chance to develop in me. Sometimes whenever I felt sleepy and I wanted to lie down for a while, as soon as the thought came up, I felt very guilty that the practitioners were working so hard and I stayed at home all day. How could I find an excuse for myself to pursue comfort while they were working so hard? I did the standing exercises and didn't feel sleepy any more. I also helped the practitioners by doing some of the housework to save them some time.

Within a month, the practitioners learned almost all the technology required to run a material production site. We decided to let them practice independently for a while. I returned to the first couple's house and continued teaching them the technology.

3. Treasure the Opportunity for Practitioners to Cultivate and Improve Together During the Process of Assisting Master in Fa-rectification

Before I returned, the first couple was interfered with and someone told them the police were planning to do something to them. To eliminate the interference, we sent forth righteous thoughts for a long time, and we also shared our understandings from the Fa's perspective and encouraged each other. We were determined to cooperate as one body and not have any omissions. By looking inward and sending forth righteous thoughts, the interference was quickly eliminated.

We studied the Fa and did the exercises together every day, and we shared our cultivation experiences during meals. Both of these practitioners had few notions and they have pure minds. By cultivating together with them, I was also changing myself fundamentally.

Once, I was interfered with by thought karma. I realized that I should think of things as a divine being would. After I had that thought, all the bad thought karma was disintegrated at once.

Master has said: "The future professional practitioners in temples will need to, in their cultivation practice, wander around among everyday people." (Lecture Eight, Zhuan Falun) For so many years, in order to maintain the normal operation of the production of truth-clarification materials and to avoid any damage or interference, I often carried all the equipment with me and went from place to place.

Sometimes when the practitioners' daughter came to visit them, the atmosphere became so warm and joyful, but I would suddenly feel very self-conscious and lonely. Then I thought, I came here to assist Master in Fa-rectification with fellow practitioners, why would I feel embarrassed? Master has said:

"Here amidst the secular world, it is all up to you to walk the path correctly and to go beyond ordinary people when immersed in this complicated setting. Everything that ordinary people seek; everything that ordinary people want to gain; everything that ordinary people act on, say, and do--all of this is, for you, what needs to be cultivated away." ("Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan," 2006)

After Fa-study, this mentality of embarrassment gradually disappeared.

Master has told us: "The more circumstances ease up, the less you can let up." ("Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website's Founding")

When we decided that I would be responsible for teaching practitioners the technology necessary to run a material production site, the coordinator practitioner kept reminding me that I should cultivate myself well and diligently and only bring righteousness to fellow practitioners. I shouldn't let my own attachments or any loopholes cause any damage to fellow practitioners. On this point, the practitioner couple and I had the same thought. As a result, when we were together, we had a strong feeling of working as one body and we all had a higher requirement for ourselves. The practitioner couple told me that their cultivation experiences with me greatly encouraged and motivated them. Even when they were alone, they also began to conduct themselves with the standards of a practitioner. In such a pure environment, some of the loopholes in my cultivation were also rectified.

The coordinator told me that practitioners in another place were planning to set up a truth-clarification material production site. He asked if I could go to the new location to teach practitioners the technology and help them set up the material production site.

No matter what Master has arranged for me to do in the future, I only have this thought: I'll let Master decide everything for me, and all the knowledge I have, I developed to fulfill the requirements of Dafa and our group. My life is created by Dafa, everything I have and know belongs to Dafa, and I shall try my best to assist Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings, thus fulfilling my prehistoric vows.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!