Name: Zhang Sujun(张素君)
Age: Unknown
Address: Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Death: March, 2008 

Date of Most Recent Arrest: 2006
Most recent place of detention: Women's Prison of Jiangxi Province (江西省女子监狱)
City: Nanchang
Province: Jiangxi
Persecution Suffered: Detention, imprisonment, torture, forced to stand still for a long period of time, tiger bench, forced marching

( The policewomen that work in the Women's Prison of Jiangxi Province torture Falun Gong practitioners with every means available to them. They also bribe the inmates to torture and monitor practitioners.

Ms. Zhang Sujun Tortured to Death

Ms. Zhang Sujun was forced to stand still for long periods at a time during 2007 to 2008. In March of 2008, Ms. Zhang was tortured to death. However, the police lied and said that she died of fluid accumulation around the liver.

Ms. Zhang, Ms. Chen Wen, Ms. Huang Liqiong, and Ms. Chen Xiangyang were taken to the hotel of the Jiangxi Foreign Affairs Office in 2006 by Zhang Yifei, Hu Xiaojun, Deng Xiangyang, Yuan Shaofeng, and Luo Shidu from Qingyunpu Police Department of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. There Ms. Zhang was handcuffed to the window with her hands behind her back. One policewoman placed the leg of her chair on Ms. Zhang's toe and then sat on the chair, breaking Ms. Zhang's toenail. They then took Ms. Zhang to the Women's Prison of Jiangxi Province.

Ms. Chen Wen Forced to Stand Still for Five Months

When Ms. Chen Wen was taken to the Jiangxi Foreign Affairs Office Hotel in 2006, policewomen handcuffed her hands behind her back and tied her to the window for five days and nights straight, until she lost consciousness.

Ms. Chen was forced to stand still for approximately five months continuously day and night in the prison. The person responsible, policewoman Wang Shumei, ordered inmate Wei Xiaohong to monitor Ms. Chen who stood still until her feet and legs swelled and she could not stand any longer. Then Wang tortured Ms. Chen with the tiger bench - an extremely brutal torture device. When the swelling subsided Ms. Chen was forced to stand still again.

Again in April 2009, policewomen Wang Shumei, Yu Shen, Wang Juan, Wang Fen, and Chen Li bribed prisoners Huang Meifeng, Du Jingping, Deng Guozhen, Li Meizhen, and Shu Yingjing to torture Ms. Chen. They forced Ms. Chen to stand still 24 hours a day. When she was so tired she could not keep her eyes open, they poured essential oil into her eyes. Li Hui, vice president of the prison, ordered the prisoners to monitor and hold Ms. Chen in a dungeon for approximately four months. Ms. Chen was confined to the dungeon absolutely. She was only given two meals a day, and she couldn't take a bath or even change her clothes.

Ms. Wu Zhiping Forced to Stand Still 24 Hours a Day for Eight Days

Ms. Wu Zhiping was confined to a dungeon for over three months and forced to stand still for 24 hours a day for eight days. Policewomen Chen Li, Wang Fen, and Wang Juan ordered prisoners Shu Yingjing, Chen Shenghong, Deng Guozhen, and Cao Weihong to forcefully brainwash Ms. Wu. Prisoners Shu Yingjing pinched Ms. Wu's eyes and also pinched her hard under the arms.

Ms. Ding Jianhua Beaten for Seven Days

Ms. Ding Jianhua was kicked and punched for seven days and nights in January of 2009 by prisoners Huang Meifeng and Shu Yingjing, who were ordered and bribed to do so by policewomen Wang Shumei, Wang Juan, Wang Fen, and Chen Li.

Ms. Ding was forced to stand still for over a month. When she was too tired to open her eyes, they put mosquito spray into her eyes. Ms. Ding was persecuted in this way to near death.

Ms. Hu Fangju Confined to a Dungeon Over Two Months

During March and April of 2008, Ms. Hu Fangju was deprived of sleep for 40 days straight by prisoners Shu Yingjing, Huang Meifeng, Deng Liping, Wang Zheng, and Deng Guozhen. They did this to Ms. Hu under orders from policewomen Wang Juan, Wang Shumei, Wang Fen, Yu Shen, and Chen Li, etc. Later Ms. Hu was confined to the dungeon for approximately two months. Prisoners Shu Yingjing, Deng Liping, and Wang Zheng beat Ms. Hu brutally, and in July of 2009, she was forced to stand still until her feet were swollen. Then she was tortured with the tiger bench. After the swelling got a little bit better, she was forced to stand still again. She was continuously tortured in this way over a long period time.

Ms. Wang Suihong was forced to march for a long time in the prison compound. They didn't allow her to stop even after the soles in her shoes had worn through. Practitioners Ms. Yu Cuihua, Ms. Li Wenhong, and Ms. Zhang Zhenru suffered from these inhuman tortures over a long period: forced standing still, sitting on a tiger bench, and forced marching for a long time.

The policewomen who ordered and participated in the torture of the above Falun Gong practitioners in Women's Prison of Jiangxi Province were:

Wang Shumei (police number 3615316), Wang Juan (police number 3615361), Chen Li (police number 3615211), and Wang Fen (police number 3615407)